Meet Diabetes Hero Deanna

All month long, Carb DM is featuring Diabetes Heroes — people who give back to the Carb DM diabetes community. Each story is unique, but all share a common thread — they appreciate the positive impact that Carb DM has on their lives, and want to keep that community going. Today’s hero is 10 year-old Deanna Cooney. … Continued

Be a Diabetes Hero

Heroes don’t need to fly around in a cape. They don’t need to be famous or important. A hero can be someone who inspires others with their courage and dedication. A hero can be someone who makes people’s lives better. There’s no shortage of heroes in the diabetes community. From researchers who work to save … Continued

10 Reasons to Attend Mother Daughter Weekend

  Calling all girls with type 1 diabetes ages 12 and up, and their female caregivers! Mother Daughter Weekend is coming up, and we’d love to have you join us for three days of connecting, learning and thriving. You may be thinking, “My daughter has her diabetes well in hand, we won’t get anything out … Continued

T1Dogs: Giving shelter dogs a second chance as diabetic alert dogs

Service dogs have been helping humans for centuries, providing assistance and companionship to people with disabilities. They help people with a wide range of conditions — visual, hearing, mobility issues, people with seizures PTSD, autism, and many more — to live happy, fulfilling lives. Over the last decade or so, a new kind of service … Continued

10 reasons to attend the ABC Diabetics 2nd Annual Lobster Feed

Summer will be here before you know it, and there’s no better way to celebrate the return of warmer weather than with a Lobster Feed! The American Board for Child Diabetes (ABC Diabetics) is hosting a traditional New England Style Lobster Feed next weekend at Half Moon Bay. Last year’s Lobster Feed was so successful … Continued

50 non-food Easter Egg fillers

Candy eggs, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs, chocolate coins, M&Ms, Starburst chews…. with all the sweet treats on the shelves, Easter is starting to look like Halloween! When all the egg hunts are done, the last thing parents want is cranky kids, or in the case of parents of kids with … Continued

Improving Treatment Adherence for type 1 diabetes

Despite all the advances in medical science and technology, there is still no cure for diabetes. A person with diabetes has to live with it and manage it all their life. The challenge, of course, is being diligent and consistent with diabetes management. Type 1 diabetes is challenging to manage because it is so comprehensive. … Continued

Brenda and Malia: Why we love Mother Daughter Weekend

Registration for the 2017 Mother Daughter Weekend is now open! If you have a daughter with diabetes age 12 and up, join us on April 21-23 for 3 days of learning and connecting. We’ll cover topics relevant to teen girls with diabetes such as food, body image, puberty with T1D, and mother-daughter communication. We also … Continued