Artificial Pancreas (AP) Update Part 2

Yesterday we gave a general recap of Dr. Trang Ly’s Artificial Pancreas (AP) update talk. For the 3rd year running, we learned about the most recent developments in artificial pancreas and closed loop system research. Artificial Pancreas (AP) Update Part 2 takes a closer look at some of the studies currently being done. The full 2-hour … Continued

Artificial Pancreas Update 2016: Part 1

  Diabetes management is a tedious, thankless task. Carb counting, checking blood sugars, remembering to pre-bolus for meals.. all of it requires time and dedication. That’s why the prospect of an artificial pancreas, or closed loop insulin delivery system, is one of the most anticipated developments in the diabetes community. For the past 3 years, … Continued

Counting carbs for Asian foods

Counting carbs at every meal is an important part of diabetes management, but that’s always easier said than done. Many say carb counting is as much an art as it is a science, and nowhere is that more true than when counting carbs for Asian foods. Asian cuisine is as diverse as Asia itself, with … Continued

Spare a Rose, Save a Child this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and florists everywhere are busy preparing dozens of roses for people to commemorate their love. Roses are the quintessential symbol for love — but this Valentine’s Day, with your help, they can also be a symbol for life. That’s the idea behind Spare a Rose, Save a Child, a program … Continued

Asian Outreach Day 2016 recap

Last weekend Carb DM hosted the third annual Asian Outreach Day. Fondly named Sushi, Samosas, Shumai, and Sugar, Asian Outreach Day is much more than just learning about how many carbs are in a plate of noodles. Asian Outreach Day educates families about the very real challenges faced by people with type 1 diabetes in … Continued

Too Sweet Boutique doll pump pouch review and giveaway

A few days ago, our community manager Noor reviewed (and loved!) a pump pouch from Too Sweet Boutique. It’s a great way for kids to keep their insulin pumps and pump tubing neatly and securely stored to their bodies while they go about their business of being an active kid. Kids love the fun prints … Continued

I’ve Seen the Future and It Is Bright

Last night I was up until 2 am feeding my daughter low foods and waiting for her blood sugar to go up. It’s something I haven’t done in six weeks and haven’t really missed. Today, of course, I walked around yawning all day wondering how I was going to get through the day. I realized … Continued

Tia’s 7th Dia-Birthday

Today is Tia’s 7th Dia-Birthday. I know some people find it odd that we “mark the occasion” but LinkedIn marks work anniversaries and people celebrate birthdays. Well, diabetes is a full time job Tia never applied for, doesn’t get paid for, and never gets a day off from. She works hard at it every day and … Continued

American Girl introduces Diabetes Care Kit for dolls

Little girls with type 1 diabetes and their parents are celebrating all over the country because popular doll maker American Girl has just introduced a Diabetes Care Kit for dolls! American Girl already sells accessory kits that kids with a variety of conditions can relate to, including corrective eyeglasses, wheelchairs, orthodontic headgear, hearing aids, allergy-free lunch kits, … Continued