Five ways to use excess Halloween candy

Does it seem to you like your child’s Halloween candy stash gets larger every year? Maybe the treat bags are getting bigger, or the neighbors are getting more generous. Or maybe it’s just that your little ghouls are getting older, and are able to walk around gathering treats for longer periods of time. Even after … Continued

Share Your Story: How has Carb DM helped you?

Get the party hats out, because Carb DM will celebrating its fifth anniversary this month! As Carb DM turns 5, we can’t help look back at how things were five years ago. It’s hard to believe that five years ago, there were few opportunities or organizations for people with diabetes to connect and learn from each … Continued

Where to wear our World Diabetes Day 2016 shirts

Celebrate World Diabetes Day in Style! World Diabetes Day is coming up, and as usual we are celebrating in a big way. Not only do we have lots of activities planned for November, we even have a way to help you look great while celebrating! Our limited edition World Diabetes Day 2016 shirts are on sale from … Continued

Top 10 reasons your child should be a Dia-Buddy

We are so excited to be hosting our very first Dia-Buddy event this weekend! We’ll be playing games at Rinconada Park, so wear sneakers and comfortable clothes, and get ready to a great time. We’ll provide the low supplies and snacks, you provide the fun! Dia-Buddies, a joint venture with JDRF, is a youth mentor program … Continued

10 developments in T1D research you should know about

The artificial pancreas seems to be all that people talk about these days, and rightly so. After years (decades, even) of being told that it was just 3 years away, we finally have a release date for the world’s ’s first hybrid closed loop system. The Minimed 670G is set to ship in Spring of 2017. Want to know … Continued

Carb DM now accepts diabetes supplies donations for Insulin For Life

Carb DM is now collecting diabetes supplies for Insulin For Life It has been an exciting time for the diabetes community! Friends and family are cheering over recent developments in diabetes management, including: The FDA approved Medtronic’s Minimed 670G, the world’s first hybrid closed loop system The FDA approved Abbott’s Freestyle Libre Pro, a revolutionary CGM system … Continued

Q&A with Dr. Adi

Last week on the blog we talked about the benefits of lifelong diabetes education. One of the best reasons to attend a Carb DM education event is the opportunity to speak with endocrinologists other than your own. Carb DM recently hosted a Type 1 Topics event featuring a Q&A session with Dr. Saleh Adi. Dr. … Continued

Diabetes education: a lifelong journey

“The education of a man is never completed until he dies.” ― Robert E. Lee “The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.” ― Michel Legrand If you’ve had diabetes for a while, you might feel like you know all there is to … Continued

This week on Twitter: top 10 back to school tweets

Attention, high school seniors and college freshmen!  You can get great back-to-school tips on our Ready, Set, Go, College! recaps. However, if you’re already knee deep in studies, you might want a condensed version. Here are 10 great pieces of advice from the event: Take over your diabetes management before you go to college so you … Continued

Dia-Buddies youth program FAQ

A couple of weeks ago we put out a call for volunteer mentors for our new Dia-Buddies youth mentoring program. We are excited to announce that over 40 mentors have already signed up! Clearly the idea of teens with type 1 diabetes sharing their knowledge and experience with other newly diagnosed teens and tweens is resonating. Now that … Continued