Has Carb DM Changed Your Life?

If so, we’d love to hear from you! We know Carb DM has a big impact on people’s lives, but we’d love to hear how Carb DM has helped and supported you on your diabetes journey.

Caren, school nurse

I can honestly say that when I accepted the position as a Type I Diabetic Nurse at my local school district 5 years ago, I never knew how working with children with T1D would impact my life. The students we work with have taught us lessons in courage, strength and perseverance and have done it with dignity and seldom with complaints. Now as we meet new families whose lives have been affected, we will have an important resource to assist them in getting in contact with other families in our community. This site and organization is a labor of love and one of self sacrifice. Thank you to all of the dedicated staff who have made this website a reality. Wishing you much luck and continued success in the coming years!


Leslie, mother of young adult with T1D

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with Carb DM.   My oldest child is Type 1 dxd 1989, yes before pumps and in diapers!.  I just sent him the info on beer and basals, I think it is a great resource.


Kathryn and Molly’s Story

I am the mother of four children, the youngest of whom, my fourteen year old daughter, Molly, was diagnosed 11 years ago with Type I Diabetes. Needless to say, all of our lives changed in that instant. And in many respects, they are still changing. The effects diabetes imposes on a child, parents, and siblings are profound and lifelong. The planning, sacrifice and patience required to live a life with diabetes extend to all of us in our family of six. At every stage of childhood development, we have been faced with the necessity of renewing our approach to managing this disease so that each person in our family feels confident, competent, beloved, and above all, healthy… more


Doron and Galit’s Story

From day one of our diagnosis Tamar was a saving angel, with prompt answers to our questions and proactive support on questions we should have asked. She guided us through the shock of discovery, the fear of treatment and installed in us a confidence in “seizing diabetes.” more


Lis, School Nurse and Type 1 Mom

I am happy to know that the in-person support groups still exist in today’s on-line world.  My family went to something similar when my daughter was young and it was invaluable for her and for me to meet others experiencing the same challenges.  Some of our best friends over 20 years later are from that group.


Shelley, Type 1 Mom, about Type 1 Topics

I found all of the information very valuable. I feel I learn a lot about how other people manage diabetes and this is very valuable. I am not alone!

Carb DM has provided many great programs that reduced my stress level while managing my son’s diabetes.


Lisa, Adult with Type 1 Diabetes

Carb DM makes type 1 diabetes more liveable.


Feeling inspired? Please leave us a comment below, or share your story. Email tamar@carbdm.org.

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