A Random Act of Kindness

Tonya with her son AJThanks to the kindness of Tonya Fifield-Carter, the Synopsys Community Champion for 2012, Carb DM received a $1500 donation from Synopsys, Inc.

We recently caught up with Tonya and had a chance to find out more about this generous, and totally unexpected, gift.

Carb DM: Congratulations on being named the 2012 Synopsys Community Champion. The award cites your leadership in company-wide volunteer work as well as your liaison role between Synopsys and various non-profits. It sounds like your activism truly benefits the greater community.

Tonya: It’s true that I’m very active as a volunteer—both inside the company and in the community. Although my family is unable to make the monetary donations I wish I could, I strongly believe in giving my time and services to organizations that are helping those in need.

Carb DM: I understand that part of the Community Champion Award is the opportunity to give money to an organization of your choice.

Tonya: I work for a wonderful company. When Synopsys makes this award, it lets the recipient—me, in this case—designate a non-profit organization to receive $1500.

Carb DM: How did you discover Carb DM?

Tonya: At the end of August, my son, AJ, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It’s all really very new to us. I read a lot of articles, and I see what’s going on. But AJ is just 14 and it’s a huge life changer for him. Though he’s managing well, he’s still really frustrated—about having to give himself shots, for instance, and having to watch everything he eats. I found Carb DM when I went looking for a Type 1 group for teens.

Carb DM: What’s special for you about Carb DM?

Tonya: I like the idea of activities for teens, like Movie Night. It’s a great way for teens to collaborate and have fun with others going through the same thing. The teen stage can be a challenge by itself, so having a support group to assist with emotions seems essential for a teen with diabetes. Having a support group for parents with a Type 1 child is also a great help.

Carb DM: You’re active with other non-profits. What made you decide to designate your award money for Carb DM?

 Tonya: At this point in our lives, our every wish is for a cure for diabetes. So naturally I’ve become passionate about the American Diabetes Association. But meanwhile, we need to do things locally and on a day-by-day basis. Carb DM provides a service and support to families like ours—just by being there. I want to help it continue to do so.

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One Response to A Random Act of Kindness

  1. Linda Lenoir says:

    Congratulations to CARB DM! The PAUSD Diabetes Team! Linda and Trish

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