Why do you OneWalk?

Carb DM Brave Buddies

Fall in the Bay Area brings crisp, cool days, chilly nights, turning leaves, pumpkin spice everything… and JDRF OneWalk. Every year the diabetes community comes together in a show of solidarity, raising money for diabetes research, supporting each other, and celebrating the courage of people living with T1D.

Join Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies

This year our new Program Manager Eric Planzer is leading the Carb DM-Brave Buddies Team at the JDRF OneWalk Silicon Valley, held on October 14 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. We are inviting everyone in the community to sign up with our team! Come and walk with Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies. Whether you join as a walker, a fundraiser, or both, we’d love your support.  Money raised from the walk helps fund lifesaving treatment and new technologies in the hopes of a world without type 1 diabetes.

Why walk?

There are as many reasons to join a JDRF OneWalk as there are members in the T1D community. From raising funds to getting exercise to supporting a friend, each person walks for something or someone. Here are few more reasons why our Carb DM community members love JDRF OneWalk:

* In almost 20 years with T1D, my control now is better than it’s ever been, but insulin is life support, and not a cure. I want a cure.

* From walking with my son’s preschool buddies 11 years ago to now volunteering at the walk with his high school friends, every year our family is leaving the walk with renewed energy and hope!

* I promised our daughter that we would walk and raise money for JDRF to help find a cure for her. I may not be able to take away our daughter’s T1D, but I will do everything in my power to help JDRF find a cure.

* Because I can get some exercise and help the community at the same time.

* Because it feels like I’m actually doing something to push back against diabetes.

* Because I feel like I am punching T1D right in the face.

The best reason of all to walk? It’s whatever reason YOU have! Why do YOU OneWalk?

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