Show your love for the diabetes community this Valentine’s Day: Spare a Rose, Save a Child

Spare a Rose Save a ChildAt this moment, in some part of the world, a child has just been diagnosed with diabetes. While this can feel like devastating news for the child and his or her family, it is not generally a death sentence. Thanks to insulin therapy, that child can go on to live a long and happy life. Yet in some parts of the world, diabetes can still be a death sentence. In some parts of the world, the life expectancy of a child who has just developed diabetes could be less than a year.

This Valentine’s Day, YOU can help change that. Instead of buying a dozen roses for your Valentine, consider buying 11. Then, donate the price of that extra rose to the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign. The cost of just one rose (a $5 donation) provides a child with life-saving diabetes supplies and treatment for 1 month.  The cost of a dozen roses ($60 donation) can keep that child alive for a year.

Your donation goes to Life for a Child USA, an International Diabetes Federation Program that supports young people with diabetes in lower-income countries. Life for a Child partners with diabetes centers in those countries to provide insulin, test strips, and other supplies. They also provide education and training for families and diabetes professionals.

$5 is such a small amount. It’s a the cost of a large fancy espresso. A slice of cake. A Valentine’s Day Rose. But to a child with diabetes, it can mean so much. This Valentine’s Day, please consider sparing a rose — you can truly save a life!

Spare a Rose Save a Child



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