TOOSweet Boutique pump pouches and more. By Noor Alramahi

I have to admit when I was asked to review TOOSweet Boutique pump and dexcom pouches I was very apprehensive. I was diagnosed 23 years ago at the age of 5 and never developed an interest in diabetes accessories; I always felt that diabetes was complicated and time consuming as is. I really didn’t want to spend more time, effort and money trying to find to right one. I’m very low maintenance; just tuck it in the bra, put in it my pocket or clip it on my pants kind of girl. I think it’s worth mentioning that I’m also the kind of person who says it like it is, no sugar coating and no filter.

Right from the get go I knew I wanted a solid black color, something mature that will blend in with dark clothes, my typical wardrobe. Although, there were so many different prints and patterns to choose from and my inner child kept trying to convince me to go with the frozen print. The ordering process (slightly overwhelming at first glance) gave me the option to customize every detail of the pouch. They have a step-by-step process and a detailed tutorial on how to size your pump band. I chose a solid black pump pouch with clear front, matching thread, trim, and zipper and added a dexcom case. The one downside during the ordering process was the sizing; I was required to put in my waist measurement. As someone whose size is always changing it was such a hassle for me to figure it out. I placed the order on Thursday, it was shipped on Sunday and at my door by Monday.

The details on the pouches were top notch and high quality. The material is a durable one that can withhold everyday use and all their print fabrics are licensed. The waistband is an elastic material with a Velcro adjustable strap. If you are someone who doesn’t always wear your dexcom you’re going to love that the dexcom pouch is removable.

When I wore the pouch my initial thought was, great I get to be be Bob the builder with this utility belt. Since receiving the pouches a week ago I have not taken them off, except for showers. I even slept with them on and it was amazing not having to be lassoed by my pump tubing when I woke up or have to dig around under my pillows and cover for my dexcom. One of my biggest issues was how it would make my body look; I’m still trying to reclaim my pre-baby body and was worried the pouches will make me lumpier and chunkier. It surprisingly didn’t because it hung relatively low near my hips, closer to my pockets.

I didn’t think a pouch could really improve the quality of my life like it did. Being a mom of 12 month old twin boys, everyday is like running a marathon in the house around them, and having to not worry about misplacing my dexcom, my pump falling out or both weight down my yoga pants (isn’t that what all moms wear all the time?!). That is also when I discovered all the other stuff I could put in my now empty pockets. I could enjoy jumping around with my little guys and go for runs without having to worry I’m going to flash someone as my pants slip off. I also didn’t have to look for my misplaced dexcom a hundred times a day. When the boys eventually discovered the new hiding place of my pump, they couldn’t pull it off.

There were 2 minor issues I had with the pouch. First was with the elastic waistband. With time it became more elastic and started to slip. I would order an inch or 2 tighter or give the measurement of the band at the tightest spot because there is wiggle room to adjust. The second was with the actual pouch; because it is not exact snug fit to each individual pump there was some extra space around my T:slim pump so it made the touch screen tricky to use because the plastic cover isn’t taut. I still managed to bolus through it though and would imagine it being much easier to do with the pumps that have buttons. Although, that loose fit allowed for a few glucose table to fit in there too.

Overall, I was surprisingly pleased and happy with the TOOSweet Boutique pump and dexcom pouch. I will definitely use it for my everyday hectic life and while working out. Might have to hang it up for more formal dressier events though.




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