Tia’s 7th Dia-Birthday

tia top of mt. whitney

Today is Tia’s 7th Dia-Birthday. I know some people find it odd that we “mark the occasion” but LinkedIn marks work anniversaries and people celebrate birthdays. Well, diabetes is a full time job Tia┬ánever applied for, doesn’t get paid for, and never gets a day off from. She works hard at it every day and what does she get in return? Her life! Her health! Her future! Here’s how hard she works: 7 – 10 finger pricks each day, that’s a total of 18,000 over the past seven years. Four to five shots a day while on shots, that’s a total of 1800 shots over the course of her seven years. Changing an infusion site every three days (another needle stick), that’s 730 of those. A new sensor every six days that 365 of those. That doesn’t include the uncountable failed sites, failed sensors, extra shots, etc. Then there’s the carb counting. Tia has to count and calculate the carbs in EVERYTHING she eats, and also think ahead to what activity she is going to do or think back to what activity she has already done — soccer, skiing, lacrosse, ice skating, etc — and how that might affect her blood sugar over the next few hours. Simple life activities that we do without giving them a second thought — eating, exercising, sleeping — all those have to be carefully accounted for when you have T1D.
But that’s not all Tia does — she participates in research studies and helps bring new technologies to market, she mentors newly diagnosed kids with T1D, she hikes across the Sierras and summits the highest peak in the contiguous United States. She plays soccer and lacrosse, she skis and snowboards, she reads and listens to music, she’s learning to drive, and she drives her brother crazy, and sometimes she’s really nice to him. She bakes delicious cakes and pastries. She is an amazing daughter and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She is a courageous and inspiring diabadass!

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  1. Tia is a truly amazing girl and goes from strength to strength. She is an inspiration to all and I am so proud I can say that she is my granddaughter!!

    1. I remember! She was diagnosed right before last year’s bowling party. She’ll have to come back to this year’s bowling party to celebrate!

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