Ten T1D Questions for Eric Planzer

Eric Planzer

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Carb DM’s newest family member, Program Manager Eric Planzer. Eric has had T1D since 1999, so he is more than familiar with the challenges of living with T1D 24/7. He has worked at Bearskin Meadow Camp and JDRF so he also sees how making connections within the community can help a person with T1D not just survive, but thrive. We are excited to have Eric on board!

A few months ago we asked our Executive Director Krystle a few lighthearted icebreaker questions related to her day-to-day life with T1D. That post was so popular that we decided it’s now Eric’s turn! Here are our Ten T1D Questions for Eric:

1. What is your all-time lowest BG number?

I’ve gotten a LO reading on my meter before, but the lowest number I think I can ever remember seeing is like 23-24. It’s kind of tough to remember something like that since it’s been so long and your brain isn’t exactly functioning at full capacity in those situations.

2. What is your all-time highest BG number?

In my younger years, my meter used to talk to me every now and then (it says “HI”), but I honestly don’t know the highest i’ve been. I think I was around 750 when diagnosed.

3. What is your go-to food when you are low?

Starburst, the only problem is they are so delicious that every now and then I eat them when i’m not low.

4. What is your favorite low-carb snack?

Cheese, my family is Swiss, so i’m pretty sure i’m required to give that as my answer.

5. What is one food that is guaranteed to make your BG go crazy no matter what you try?

Pasta/ Italian food generally gets the widest variety of reactions from my blood sugar.

Eric Planzer6. What do you use to organize / pack your diabetes supplies on the go?

Depends on where i’m going, but generally I keep everything I need in my car or a daypack.

7. What is your favorite T1D life hack/tip?

Be judgement free and look at blood sugars readings as what they are: data. I used to get really down about blood sugars being out of my target range, and it led to a lot of shame in my diabetes and subsequently, ignoring it. Changing my approach to how I look at and treat numbers has made life so much better.

8. What is your best piece of advice for a newly diagnosed PWD?

Get out into the community, meet other type 1’s, and find you can relate to and share experiences with.

9. What is the one thing about diabetes that you think people who don’t have diabetes should know?

Yes, I can eat that entire ice cream sundae! Just gotta take some insulin.

10. What’s the first thing you would do once a cure for diabetes is found?

Oy, this is a complicated one for me. But to keep it simple, the absolute first thing I would probably do is get together with my (former) type 1 friends and PARTY!

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