Meet the T1D Exposed models: Carb DM interviews Doris Hobbs

T1D Exposed model Doris HobbsThere is no doubt that type 1 diabetes takes its toll on the body. With every blood sugar check, every insulin shot, every site change, we are reminded of our imperfect bodies. Those bruises, that tubing, that pump, all mark us as different. So who on earth would be crazy enough to bare it all for a nude calendar featuring people with diabetes?

Meet T1D Exposed model Doris Hobbs. Doris is a fashion writer, blogger, and luxury model who was diagnosed with T1D three years ago. Since her diagnosis, Doris has also become a diabetes advocate, campaigning for diabetes awareness and positivity through her T1D & Glamorous media campaign. Doris will be appearing in the much-anticipated T1D Exposed nude calendar that is coming out on November 18.

As a model, Doris knows what it is like to have thousands of eyes on her. But Doris had never done nude modeling before. Can the perfect world of modeling coexist with the bumps and bruises of diabetes? Can diabetes be glamorous? With Doris, the answer turned out to be yes! Her self-confidence and her passion for diabetes advocacy were more than enough motivation to participate in the project. We spoke with Doris about her experience modeling for T1D Exposed. Keep reading to learn more about Doris and her thoughts on positivity, acceptance, and gratitude:

Doris Hobbs T1DExposed calendarDid your attitude towards your body change in any way after you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

Yes & No. I already was eating clean and had already established a regular fitness routine. I just took what existed to a much more advance level and lifestyle. What did change however was the urge to learn everything I could about the biochemistry of our bodies, how food breaks down and the art of having a gratitude mind-set. What I’ve learned has allowed me to have a voice as a diabetes awareness advocate.

How and when did you first hear about T1D Exposed?

This is an impromptu story. One afternoon, while I was on Twitter preparing a social media campaign for a client, I randomly stumbled upon a tweet regarding the project from another diabetic within the community (yoga for diabetes).  I applied with very minimum research. I followed up about 3 times and was accepted. Soon after, I started to conduct further research, only to discover I’d be required to pose completely nude! Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t terrified. I had the opposite reaction. I was rather invested and driven to move forward with the advocacy project.

Why did you want to participate?

To share the glamour and positivity that diabetes has gifted me and can for others.

You have probably done hundreds of photo shoots.  How was this shoot different from the others?

T1D Exposed was my first nude photo-shoot. Shedding my clothes for diabetes brings me a sense of empowerment that I literally can’t express in words. What Tara Layman and Kat Reed are doing is truly an artistic expression in support of the auto immune disease bringing awareness on levels that are much needed in today’s society.

How do you feel about thousands of people seeing these photographs?

I am proud and truly excited for the anticipated reveal!

Did you do anything to prepare for your shoot?

The morning of the shoot I did what I call the Be-Do-Have Paradigm Shift. I wrote a post regarding this (here) and will be discussing it in depth as a Featured Speaker at the upcoming Sacramento Women’s Expo.

What was the most challenging thing about the shoot for you?

Leaving the shoot, as I felt so comfortable.

What was the most enjoyable / fun part about the shoot?

Spending time with Tara Layman and Kat Reed. Their positive energy is contagious. Also, having my business partner & photographer capturing the behind-the-scene images during the shoot. I literally couldn’t go on this diabetes journey without him.

What was your reaction when you saw your photographs?

I wept joyful tears. This calendar means everything to me!

Do you have any tips or advice or words of encouragement for teen girls with type 1 diabetes who are struggling with accepting their bodies and their T1D?

Just understanding the fact that in every unexpected occurrence in life you will always find truth and a level of gratitude.

Doris Hobbs T1DExposed calendarMore information on the T1D Exposed 2018 Calendar

The T1D Exposed 2018 Calendar releases on World Diabetes Day, November 18, 2017. You can purchase the calendar online at Can’t wait for November? You can pre-order now! Calendars will start shipping in November. Shipping is $3.50, or you can pick it up in the Oakland area.

Everyone is invited to attend the T1D Exposed 2018 calendar release party on November 18th, from 7:30-11:00 pm. Join the team and their supporters for wine and nibbles, community and camaraderie. Calendars will be available for purchase at the event. You might even be able to score a few autographs from the participants and the team at T1D Exposed too! This event is free, and all over 18 years old are welcome. The Institutue of Possibility is at 3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, California 94110 in walking distance from the 24th Street Mission Bart Station. Dress is cocktail-optional. All proceeds from the event and calendar sales go to JDRF, Carb DM, and DYF.

Interested in participating in next year’s calendar? Follow T1D Exposed on Facebook to get updates on upcoming projects and opportunites, or email, contact the team via the T1D Exposed website contact form.

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