Support Team Carb DM at the Silicon Valley Tour de Cure

Team Carb DM at Silicon Valley Tour de Cure

ADA’s Silicon Valley Tour de Cure is less than one week away! On Saturday, June 11, riders from all across the Bay Area will be strapping up to raise funds and awareness for the American Diabetes Association.  As in past year, the Carb DM community has rallied and formed a team that will ride in this Saturday’s Tour de Cure. Team Carb DM now has thirty-four riders!  The team members come from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and ability levels, but they have one thing in common. They are riding because they or someone they care about lives with diabetes. They want to to ride in support of their loved ones, ADA, and Carb DM.

Let’s meet the members of Team Carb DM:

Gareth Allison

Gareth is 14 years old and was diagnosed with T1D in January of 2014. This is his first Tour de Cure.

Jeff Allison

Jeff is Gareth’s dad. This is the first Tour de Cure for both father and son.

Erica Agiewich

Erica’s daughter, Adele, was diagnosed with T1D just over two months ago. This is Erica’s first Tour de Cure, and first Carb DM event.

Siriam Senthianand

Siriam is a second grader. He was diagnosed with T1D in November 2016.

Senthilanand Chandrasekaran

Senthilanand is Siriam’s father. This is his first Tour de Cure. Senthilanand is an avid runner who looks forward to raising funds and biking for the cause.

Deanna Cooney

Deanna, age 10, was diagnosed with T1D a little over a year ago. She is one of Carb DM’s Diabetes Heroes. This is Deanna first Tour de Cure.

Kevin Cooney

Kevin is Deanna’s dad.

Kyle Cooney

Kyle is Deanna’s younger brother.

Rebecca Cooney

Rebecca is Deanna’s mother. This is Rebecca’s first Tour de Cure. Rebecca hosts Little Carbs in the Park playdates in the South Bay.

Kevin Cox

Kevin is a sophomore and avid runner and swimmer. He first fell in love with cycling when his uncle lent him a road bike. This is Kevin’s first Tour de Cure, and he intends to tackle the 100k course, the longest and most grueling in the series!

Tia Geri

Tia, age 17, is Carb DM founder Tamar Sofer-Geri’s daughter. She was diagnosed 8 years ago. In addition to being Carb DM’s Chief Inspiration Officer, Tia is a longtime Carb DM volunteer and Dia-Buddies menor. This is Tia’s 2nd Tour de Cure.

Antony Georgiadis

Antony is a sophomore living in Palo Alto. This is his first Tour de Cure.

Mia Gualdoni

Mia, age 12, was diagnosed with T1D in 2015. She loves soccer, swimming, and hanging out with her friends from school and at Carb DM events.

Scott Gualdoni

Scott is Mia’s dad. He was diagnosed with adult onset type 1 at the age of 41. He spends as much time as he can on his road bike.

Krishna Varia

Krishna is the group’s Team Captain. Her husband Scott was diagnosed with T1D in 2011, and her daughter Mia was diagnosed in 2015.

Anthony (AJ) Gualdoni

AJ is Mia’s 14 year-old brother. He is an avid biker, and he plans to ride the 100k course, the longest and most grueling Tour de Cure event!

Michelle Hines

Michelle’s family are close friends with the Gualdoni family. All four Hines family members — Michelle, Jim, Katie, and Luke plan to ride.

Diya Lansberg

Diya is a friend of AJ and Mia. She loves animals, especially dogs. Diya enjoys riding her fixed gear bike to and from Palo Verde.

Maarten Lansberg

Maarten is a friend of the Gualdoni family. He guesses that this is going to be the last year that he will be able to keep up with AJ and her friends! His daughters, Diya and Sarika, are excited to be joining the ride this year in support of their friend Mia.

Sarika Lansberg

Sarika is a friend of AJ and Mia. She loves to skate and prides herself on making great time on her bike, racing back home from school in the afternoon, so that she can get into the car and go off to Shark’s Ice at the earliest time possible.

Kavi Mathur

Kavi is Miya’s friend. He is riding in support of Mia and his own grandpa.

Nico Ross

Nico is Mia’s friend. He recently got himself a road bike and plans to ride with Mia.

Colby Perlman

Colby, a 10th grader, was diagnosed with T1D eight years ago. He is a regular Carb DM volunteer. This is Colby’s 2nd Tour de Cure.

Sandi Dobrowolsky

Sandi is Colby’s mother. Sandy and her husband Stephen are avid Carb DM supporters who enjoy attending various Carb DM events.

Stephen Perlman

Stephen is Colby’s dad. This is Steve’s 2nd Tour de Cure.

Wesley Perlman

Wesley is Colby’s younger brother. He is in 6th grade, and this is his 2nd Tour de Cure.

Noa Simon

Noa is 13 years told and has had diabetes for 8 years. She loves soccer, biking, cooking, and being with her friends. This is Noa’s 3rd Tour de Cure.

Galit Simon

Galit is Noa’s mother. She is an avid bike rider and feels very inspired about riding Tour de Cure. This will be Galit’s 5th ride.

Doron Simon

Doron is Noa’s father.

Alex Washburn

Alex, age 14, has been living with T1D for 11 years. He loves to ride his bike and always feels inspired by the Tour de Cure — this is his 5th time participating! He is busy training for the event. Alex is a Dia-Buddies mentor and Carb DM volunteer.

Heike Fischer

Heike is Alex’s mother. She is one of Carb DM’s founding board members and continues to serve on the Carb DM board. This is her 5th Tour de Cure.

Jim Washburn

Jim is Alex’s father and an avid biker. This is his 5th Tour de Cure.

Lucas Washburn

Lucas, Alex’s brother, is a sophomore and Carb DM volunteer. This is Lucas’ 4th Tour de Cure.

Javid Alasti

Javid is a 10th grader and avid water polo player. He is riding to support his friend Alex Washburn. This is his first Tour de Cure.


Team Carb DM will be riding an average of 40 kilometers per person — that’s over 1000 miles total!

Support Team Carb DM

Team Carb DM Silicon Valley Tour de Cure jersey

Team Carb DM members have been training long and hard to be able to accomplish their goal, and they deserve our recognition and appreciation. Here are five ways you can support Team Carb DM.

Ride with Team Carb DM

There’s still time to sign up! Sign up online with Team Carb DM until the night before and use code VIP17 to get FREE registration (that’s a savings of $35!). Registrations are also accepted even on the day of the event. Need some motivation? Here are 10 reasons why you should cycle with Team Carb DM.

Donate to Team Carb DM

Head on over to Team Carb DM’s Tour de Cure fundraising page and help the team reach their fundraising goal of $10,000. You can donate to any of the Team Carb DM members, or make a general donation to the team that does not apply towards any individual member.

Volunteer at the event

An event as large as Silicon Valley Tour de Cure would not be possible without the dozens of volunteers who process check-in, line the race course, hand out water, clean up, and more. It’s a great way to be a part of the community and help make a difference. Sign up to volunteer ASAP!

Cheer Team Carb DM on their route

Find a spot along the cycling routes to park your cooler and folding chair, then cheer for Team Carb DM to ride by! Longer distance riders will be riding through bike trails and mountain roads, but the 25k route goes through many of Palo Alto’s tree-lined neighborhoods. To spot a Team Carb DM member, look for riders wearing the purple Carb DM jersey!

Cheer Team Carb DM at the finish line

The finish line is located at HP’s Palo Alto Headquarters, at 3000 Hanover Street. It’s the perfect place to watch Team Carb DM as they cross that finish line and congratulate them on a job well done. In addition, the event features a post-race festival with food, booths from various organizations, music, and kid-friendly activities like face painting and bouncy houses.


Best of luck this weekend, Team Carb DM! We are so proud of you!

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