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Family Programs at Carb DM“Your child has type 1 diabetes”. Just six short words, but their impact on a family will last a lifetime. A diagnosis is as much of a life-changing event as childbirth itself, but this time around there is precious little joy. Instead, there is sadness, nervousness, and above all, uncertainty.

New type 1 parents are bombarded with information about insulin and carb ratios and CGMs. Yet they leave the hospital with so many unanswered questions: What do we feed our child? How do we keep him safe? What if we forget something? What do we tell our relatives? How do we help her not feel different? How do we help her sibling not feel left out? How do other families do it? Will we ever feel normal again?

That’s where Carb DM can help. We know what it’s like to feel lost and worried and afraid, because we’ve been there before. Carb DM was founded by a T1D mom looking for support and community and is currently lead by people personally living with type 1 diabetes; we are dedicated to ensuring that no family with T1D ever has to feel alone.

Help families with T1D

Today Carb DM has become the first stop for parents on their T1D journey. We have programs and resources designed to help families living with T1D to connect, learn and thrive. Our family programs grow along with your child as they go through every age and stage:

  • Carbs in the Park and Little Carbs in the Park: Playdates and activities for children with T1D, their siblings, parents, and caregivers.

  • Brave Buddies: An online forum for families and caregivers of children with T1D.

  • Coffee & Carbs: Casual gatherings for parents and caregivers of children with T1D to share experiences and tips, and to connect with others with shared experiences.

  • Mother Daughter Weekend: A weekend for adolescent girls with T1D and their mothers or female caregivers to bond and learn about the challenges of managing T1D from a female perspective.

  • DiaBuddies: Fun activities and get-togethers for teens living with T1D and their siblings.

  • Ready, Set, Go, College: Informative talks and panel discussions on preparing for college and navigating the college years with T1D.

Parents can also stay up-to-date on the latest diabetes research and trends by attending our Type 1 Topics series of talks and our annual Bay Area Diabetes Summit.

Beyond advice and information, Carb DM provides parents and families with a community of people who know what they are going through. Carb DM helps them make the connections and find the support that helps them thrive.

Carb DM’s goal is to ensure that its programs will continue to be available to anyone who needs them. Your financial support guarantees that! Join us and support Carb DM’s work so that all families living with T1D can Connect. Learn. Thrive.

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