Mother Daughter Weekend Presentations

2014 Presentations:

Diana Naranjo, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes, UCSF:

Diana Naranjo, PhD & Jen Block, NP, CDE, Division of Pediatric and Endocrinology, Stanford University School of Medicine:

Tandy Aye, MD, Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford:

Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine, keynote speaker:

2015 Presentations:

Kristen Davis, RD, CDE

Resource List:


2017 Presentations:

Svati Narula, PWD 2000

Elna Narula, RN, CDE

Mary Wright, NP, CDE, Kaiser Santa Clara

Melissa Lee, PWD

Carb DM provides exactly the forum that was missing for us—a structured forum for education and connection centered around the well-being of the Type I Diabetic family. I can say with absolute certainty that I learn more from parents of children with diabetes than from all the research and reading I do. And my daughter blossomed when she learned that she wasn’t alone in managing this disease. Introducing her to other Type I diabetics has been a gift to all of us. I have attended several of the networking meetings and each one has brought me new perspective on several of the issues I juggle on a daily basis, as well as new friendships and numbers to call when our supply shipment doesn’t arrive, or we need a weekend babysitter. Lectures and discussions centered on school, summer camps, family involvement, new technologies, and ceding control of daily health management to my child have enriched my approach and alleviated some of my battle fatigue. This is a life-long disease, and I feel renewed to meet tomorrow’s challenges, whatever they may be.

 Kathryn and Molly

I am happy to know that the in-person support groups still exist in today’s on-line world. My family went to something similar when my daughter was young and it was invaluable for her and for me to meet others experiencing the same challenges. Some of our best friends over 20 years later are from that group.

 Lis, School Nurse and Type 1 Mom