Ready? Set! Reset!

After completing her degree at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and raising two children, Bonnie Carlson, reignited her passion for healthy cooking when her pre-teen daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Bonnie (L) and Mindy (R) have fun in the Reset Factor Kitchen
Bonnie (L) and Mindy (R) have fun in the Reset Factor Kitchen

The result: The Reset Factor Kitchen by Dr. Mindy Pelz and Bonnie Carlson, a new way of looking at what we put in our body, and how it can heal you from the inside out. Dr. Pelz’s best-selling book, The Reset Factor, provided detailed insight on what we eat and how it can help us avoid disease; boost the immune system, decrease stress levels and improve sleep, all while increasing total energy.

The Reset Factor Kitchen is uniquely two books in one: Part One –  helps educate the reader on why we should pay more attention to what we eat and how to make positive changes towards better health. Part Two – makes executing these changes easy and shows you that you can still get dinner on the table on time with easy and tasty recipes.

After her daughter was diagnosed with T1D, Bonnie wholeheartedly embraced the mantra that “food is medicine.” And has discovered that the right kind of foods, in combination with insulin, play a vital role in blood sugar control. The recipes are all kid tested and approved. The bonus is that she now gets to share these tasty recipes with others who also want to reset their family’s health and fight diabetes.

As a special bonus for the T1D community, the book will be available for download for free this Sunday, November 20th!

If you choose to purchase the hard cover edition, there’s a special bonus there too! Bonnie will be splitting the proceeds from her sales between the three organizations she credits with helping her family on their T1D journey: Carb DM, DYF, and JDRF.


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