Mother Daughter Weekend

This weekend is for pre-teen and teenage daughters (ages 12 and above) who are interested in learning more about managing T1D throughout the female life cycle; get tools for effective mother-daughter communication; and learn how to deal with diabetes in the real world. In addition we will learn techniques for stress reduction and well being, bond with your daughter and other mother-daughter dyads, and best of all, have fun!

Registration for the 2017 Mother Daughter Weekend is now open!

The 2017 Mother Daughter Weekend will be held April 21 – 23 at the Holiday Inn Dublin-Pleasanton. 

Find out what fun activities we have planned for this year’s event on the schedule!

To see what the Mother Daughter Weekend is all about, check out the pictures from the 2014 weekend and the presentations from the 2014 & 2105 Mother Daughter Weekends.

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