Mother-Daughter Weekend

7th annual Mother-Daughter Weekend

WHEN: March 20 through 22nd
WHERE: Asilomar Conference Grounds 

Registration is now open!  Spaces are limited.  Register today here!

This weekend is for pre-teen and teenage daughters (ages 12 and above) who are interested in learning more about managing T1D throughout the female life cycle.

During the weekend we emphasize topics such as mother-daughter communication, navigating social situations, peer and romantic relationships, diabetes management, the female hormone cycle, being your own advocate, developing a healthy relationship with your body and food, caregiver care (moms matter too!), stress reduction, and other topics that are top of mind for T1D parents and growing young women.

All of our speakers and volunteers are also living with T1D themselves, or have extensive experience working in the type 1 diabetes world.

This is the perfect time to get away, reconnect, re-energize, and recommit yourself to each other, to your diabetes management, and to developing a tightly-knit community of peers. Don’t miss it!

“I loved being with the other moms who are going through the same things that I’m going through with my daughter. The support is amazing! The speakers gave us tons of information that has been so helpful in so many ways. I saw my child opening up and enjoying herself with others. I just love everything about the weekend!”

“I feel more supported and less isolated after going to the weekend. I see the ways we are doing well, and how strong my daughter is. I got great tips and tricks [from] conversing with other moms.”

“[After the weekend, I am now] trying to be a better listener… I have so much respect for [my daughter] and how she handles herself.”