Mother Daughter Weekend “Fundraise Your Fee” Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for joining us for Mother Daughter Weekend.  Here are some tips to get your fundraising started.

How do I set up my page?
The first thing to do is visit this link and create an account.  This will create a “portal” for you in our DonorView software database.  As you create your page, be sure to select Mother Daughter Weekend as the campaign you are associated with.

How much money am I trying to raise?
Set your “goal” for at least $975.  This is the subsidized cost for a Mother/Daughter pair to attend the program.  The $300 deposit you already paid will appear as counting towards this goal, and your friends and family will see that you have started the ball rolling with that amount.  If you wish to try to raise more than the minimum, the true full unsubsidized cost of the program is actually $1500 per pair. Any funds raised over $975 will be incredibly helpful in covering the difference between the subsidized ($975) and unsubsidized ($1500) fee.

Who should I ask to donate?
Anyone you want to!  You may choose to send links to your fundraising page selectively via e-mail to only certain members of your community.  Or you may choose to post your page publically to whatever social media networks you participate in: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Next Door, etc…  The more people you send to, the more likely that you will be successful. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to donate small amounts of money ($20 to $50) to a friend’s cause, and how quickly those small amounts add up.

What should I say?
When you create your page, there will be default information that Carb DM has provided.  You can choose to leave the page as is. To see a sample uncustomized page, click here.

People are more inclined to give when their donations feels personal, so we highly recommend you customize the content to tell some of your own person story.   You can customize the colors of the page add photos, and edit the content, all through your Portal Account.  

Here is an example of one family’s written text.  This copy was added as one paragraph above the Carb DM copy in the “My Personal Story” section of the page.  This family successfully raised the $675 fee in less than 24 hours.  

On November 30, 2018, our family changed from having one Type 1 Diabetic to two. Our daughter, (name)  was diagnosed at the age of 13. When our son, (name) was diagnosed, he was 9 years old. The Diabetes Camps we went to with him are set up for younger kids and he out grew them when he turned 12. We were disappointed to not give (name) the same camp experience. Than a friend sent me a link to this Mother/Daughter camp. It is perfect for us! But the price is a bit out of our budget. So, I’m reaching out to our family and friends to help curb the costs.

What if I don’t want my network of friends and family to know that I need help paying for this program?
No Problem.  The above is only one approach to how to word your page.  The other equally acceptable approach is to simply tell a little about you – maybe your diagnosis story, or maybe how spending time with other families with diabetes has enriched your T1D journey –  and why you are attending this program. The rest is already included in the pre-written copy for your page.

What if I try to do this, and can’t raise the whole fee by March 6th?
We’ll be tracking your progress along the way and will reach out periodically to see how we can help.  If you are unable to raise the full fee, you will be asked to pay the remaining balance directly. If this becomes a financial hardship for your family, let us know and we’ll see what we can do together.

If you have any other questions about how to fundraise for Mother Daughter Weekend, contact us at