Meet Diabetes Hero Noor

Diabetes Hero Noor

All month long, Carb DM is featuring Diabetes Heroes — people who give back to the Carb DM diabetes community. Each story is unique, but all share a common thread — they appreciate the positive impact that Carb DM has on their lives, and want to keep that community going.

Today’s hero is our Community Manager, Noor. Noor was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, where she mentored children newly diagnosed with T1D. She moved to the US in 2012 and joined Carb DM in 2013. Noor loves spending time with her husband, her dog, and her two year-old twin boys.

Growing up in the Middle East with T1D (diagnosed at 5), there was a lot of stigma and shame attached to having a disease like T1D. It resulted in me wanting to hide it and not want to deal with it. The lack of social support and community almost cost me my life. After battling with Diabulimia (an eating disorder), being in a coma for 5 days, 3 severe DKAs and a strained relationship with my parents, finding a T1D community gave me my self confidence back and normalized my disease for me.

The strength I found in my T1D community made me proud of my diabetes and everything i do day in day out to keep myself healthy. I decided to quit my corporate job and immerse myself in the T1D nonprofit world to give back and empower people. However, I soon found myself being empowered by the men, women, children, parents, caregivers, advocates and healthcare professionals in our community.

Thanks to this amazing community I never wanted to be a part of, I have found friends and family that helped lift me up in situations when I had no one. All my blood family and friends live overseas; my husband and I moved to the Bay Area 5 years ago knowing nobody. After becoming part of Carb DM, we have developed a network of friends that extend beyond T1D.

The Carb DM community has been there for me during my hardest times: navigating insurance policies, fertility treatments, pregnancy, postpartum, moving houses, etc. They have celebrated with us during our best times: birthdays, the birth of my twin boys, my husbands MBA graduation, and making our new houses home. Even though these events are not all T1D related, the excitement and stress that comes out of every event impacts diabetes management! Carb DM is more than a nonprofit organization. It is a lifeline and family.

Today, May 13, is Noor’s birthday! Let’s celebrate Noor’s birthday by giving the gift of Carb DM to T1D adults like her.  Your donation to Carb DM will help adults like Noor connect, learn, and thrive. Be a Diabetes Hero like Noor — help her raise funds so Carb DM can continue to build our community!

Diabetes Hero Noor

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