Meet Diabetes Hero Jacob

Thank you to everyone for supporting our annual Diabetes Heroes! This campaign is all about celebrating people who give back to the Carb DM diabetes community. Our heroes appreciate the positive impact that Carb DM has on their lives, and want to keep that community going. Today’s Diabetes Hero is 2 year-old Jacob.

Living with type 1 diabetes can be challenging for any person. When that person happens to be two years old, it can be even more challenging for the parents. Perhaps most difficult of all, many parents don’t have anyone who understands what they are going through. Less than 2% of type 1 diabetes patients are under 3 years old, so it can be difficult for families to find others in their situation. That’s where the power of community comes in.

A toddler with T1D

Jacob was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just two months after he turned two years old. This was the family’s first encounter with diabetes. They have no family history of diabetes. Since less than 2 percent of type 1 diabetes patients are under 3 years old, they did not know any other families in their situation. Their friends and family were sympathetic, but their exposure to diabetes was limited to people with type 2 diabetes. As Jacob’s mother, Jolee says, “They assume it’s more of an inconvenience versus a life threatening disease that, while manageable, is forever”.

Finding Connections

Luckily, Jacob and his family discovered Carb DM before Jacob had even left the hospital. They attended Carb DM’s “Diabetes 101” event and were able to start building their network of support right away. Jolee learned about BraveBuddies, Carb DM’s online support group, and signed up. As luck would have it, a friend of the family reached out to Brave Buddies that very same day. Their son had been diagnosed about 4 years ago when he was about 2, the same age that Jacob was diagnosed. Both families also happened to be in the process of remodeling their home, using the very same contractor. Jolee says, “Our lives could not be more similar”.

Part of a Community

Just 5 months after Jacob’s diagnosis, Jolee is amazed at how quickly the family has been able to settle in with just a few adjustments. Jolee is loving the benefits of being part of a community that understands her reality and reaches out to others. “It is such a huge feeling of relief to have this group that understands everything we are going through and ready and willing to help at the drop of a dime”.

Jolee foresees Carb DM as a valuable resource as Jacob gets older. For now she is thrilled at the thought of having connections to responsible, caring, and T1D-aware babysitters! Most importantly, Jolee loves seeing how others in the Carb DM community are living completely normal, happy, and fulfilling lives. “Carb DM will be my go to resource on how to manage T1D and allow Jacob to feel as though nothing is holding him back — because honestly, nothing should”.

You can help make a difference in the lives of families just like Jacob’s. Be a Diabetes Hero like Jacob— help him raise funds so Carb DM can continue to build our community!



Diabetes Heroes Jacob


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