Jacob’s diagnosis story

Jacob may be just two years old, but he’s already a hero. A Diabetes Hero. Today we are sharing Jacob’s diagnosis story as told by his mother Jolee.
Diabetes Hero Jacob's diagnosis story

We started noticing that Jacob was peeing through his diapers at night. For a while we just thought maybe we bought defective diapers and started doing double diapers at night. Then, one night he woke up around midnight crying and screaming for milk, something he had not done since he was 5 months old. I couldn’t get him to calm down. Eventually we gave him water, and he drank two full glasses of water in maybe 2 minutes.,

The next morning he was drenched in urine again and finally, after him finding him the morning after that once again drenched in urine, we decided to reach out to his doctor. Oddly, my husband had considered diabetes but didn’t tell me for fear of worrying me. I had also thought about diabetes, but didn’t tell him for fear of sounding like a hypochondriac. I had known that excessive urine was a diabetes symptom from a fictional book I read in junior high which I can’t even remember the name or author.

The doctor called immediately after our email and told us to bring Jacob in for testing. Two hours later he was diagnosed, and 2 hours after that we were checked into the hospital for our weekend stay. Thankfully we had still caught it early enough and he was not in DKA.

Does this sound familiar to parents of children with type 1 diabetes? In one sense, everyone’s story is unique, but in another sense, everyone’s story shares common threads. First, the bewilderment when symptoms appear. Then, the shock of the diagnosis. Afterwards, the feelings of loss and isolation.

Thankfully, Jacob’s story takes a turn for the better, because Jolee discovers¬†a community of experienced, caring families ready to share information, tips, advice, and encouragement. She discovers Carb DM. As Jolee puts it,¬†“It is such a huge feeling of relief to have this group that understands everything we are going through and ready and willing to help at the drop of a dime”.

We want every family living with type 1 diabetes to experience the same kinship and community as Jacob’s family. That’s why we need your help to keep Carb DM going. Be a Diabetes Hero to kids like Jacob by donating to Carb DM!


Diabetes Hero Jacob



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