Carb DM 5th Anniversary Celebrationboard member JeffCarb DM 5th Anniversary CelebrationMy next painting was inspired by my Endocrinologist and I ended giving her a very similar version. After I was diagnosed, I was in my honeymoon for a relatively long time which I was pretty happy about and I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about. When my numbers became more sporadic I was in shock. I was used to being a diabetes superstar that had “perfect” numbers which made it easy to blame myself for my readings and other problems that arose with diabetes. My doctor kept telling me that it was just a number and at first it was very hard for me to internalize what she said. I was constantly thinking: “This is my fault”, and “What am I doing wrong?”. I know that being 600 for a week is definitely not good, but creating stress where it wasn’t really needed was not good either. So I made this painting to serve as a reminder that at the end of the day it really is just a number. The particular number on the painting: 365 also emphasizes that in all 365 days of the year I will have diabetes and my blood sugar is still just a number year round.Carb DM staff Ana, Alison, and Cathyboard members Anne Marie and Heike5th Anniversary Celebrationsilent auction boardssilent auction boards5th Anniversary Celebrationartwork by T1D teen ShirazI started thinking about other ways to bring Diabetes into art, and that started my second painting that shows a normal girl waving, that you wouldn’t assume had Diabetes if you didn’t know her. To me it shows how Diabetes is a relatively silent disease - unless it’s beeping - meaning anybody can have it and you just don’t know. You may be thinking - “why is the girl headless?” I drew her this way because I wanted the viewer to “fill in the blanks” with anyone they can imagine.Kathleen FraserTamar Sofer GeriT1D mom JenT1D teen ShirazT1D adult RoseanneDr. David Maahs, division chief of Pediatric Endocrinology, LPCHartwork by T1D teen Shirazartwork by the Dia-Buddiesartwork by the Dia-Buddies5th anniversary celebration5th anniversary celebration5th anniversary celebration5th anniversary celebrationcarb dm 5th anniversary party