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Carb DM was instrumental in supporting Brenda Hunter, Co-Founder of No Small Voice, in their survey concerning insurance. We know this is a topic of great concern. You are invited to preview the results prior to releasing the information publicly.

When Brenda Hunter’s daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little over two years ago, the California mom had no idea what she’d face on the insurance front nor that the challenges she experienced in that first year would lead her to founding a small business aimed at changing the healthcare landscape. What she ended up creating was No Small Voice, a crowdsourcing site for cost and insurance access information and sharing that info in a community platform, to help patients learn from each other and to gather ammunition for lobbying employers and other decision-makers.


Tamar Sofer-Geri

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$25 per person. Your fees support Carb DM's programs, ensure the organization's financial stability, and make Carb DM's programs accessible to all. If you cannot pay the fee at this time, please select the "scholarship" option below.

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