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About the Program

Topic: Caregiver Training/Babysitting – How To Become Employable
Hosts: Lia Noguchi and Emily Swide young adults w/T1D
Facilitator: Kim Moriwaki, CDE and Emily Swide, Young Adult with T1D

Interested in becoming a certified Dia-Buddies Mentor? Sign-up for our new Mentor Training Module series! The modules are designed to train mentors to better engage with difficult topics surrounding Type 1 Diabetes. Each module will be facilitated by an incredible advocate in the field. This session will be facilitated by Marcela Arregui-Reyes, MS PMP from Madison Pediatric Diabetes Clinic, UCSF. You will leave the modules stronger and smarter with more tools to navigate the challenges in your own lives. Moreover, as an official mentor, you will have the ability to lead your own Dia-Buddies events (with our help, of course)!

In order to become a Carb DM certified Dia-Buddies Mentor, you must complete at least two modules in the series. Modules will be held throughout the year with various topics of focus, and you may receive community service. Upon completion of two modules, Carb DM will award you with an official Dia-Buddies Mentor t-shirt and a certificate of completion!

Getting To Know Kim Moriwaki, RD, CDE:
Kim Moriwaki is an RD and CDE who has been actively involved in caring for patients with Diabetes for over 30 yrs at Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek.
She has worked with people with diabetes across the age continuum, but for the past 15 yrs has worked exclusively with the Pediatrics, Teen Young Adults and Diabetes and Pregnancy Clinic population.

Getting To Know Emily:
Emily has had Type 1 diabetes for 15 years. In that time, she’s been a Bearskin camp counselor, an intern at JDRF Advocacy in Washington D.C., the nanny of a Type 1 family and the program coordinator of Insulliance Mentor Program at Children’s Hospital Oakland. She looks forward to sharing her experiences with you!

What is Dia-Buddies and how to join:

Dia-Buddies is a joint Carb DM JDRF youth mentor program that will bring together teens (ages 14-19, diagnosed a minimum of 2 years) with children, tweens, and teens, (ages 10-16), in fun social settings. At each Dia-Buddies event, mentors will organize and run a variety of activities, thereby serving as role models for the buddies.

By adopting a group approach instead of the traditional one-on-one mentor-mentee relationship, the program allows mentors and buddies to foster relationships organically, giving everyone more opportunities to make connections and expand their network or support.

Anyone between the ages of 10-16, whether newly diagnosed or not, including siblings, is welcome to enroll as a mentee in the program. Sign up here to be a buddy in the program. Because of the group format, buddies can become unofficial mentors as well. Your knowledge and experience are a valuable asset to the group!

Anyone between the ages of 14-19 who have had diabetes for at least 2 years are welcome to sign up to be a mentor. Mentors will be asked to take an online training and help lead activities of their choosing at our monthly programs.


Lia Noguchi and Emily Swide, young adults with T1D

Suggested Fee

$20 per mentor. Your fees support Carb DM's programs, ensure the organization's financial stability, and make Carb DM's programs accessible to all. If you cannot pay the fee at this time, please select the "scholarship" option below.


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