Finding solutions to diabetes problems: Join the Disrupt Diabetes Challenge!

Disrupt DiabetesPatient-led innovation

People with diabetes face challenges every day. Many of those challenges can be conquered head on. Some challenges are on going. We can face some of those challenges with the help of modern medicine and technology. For other challenges we might have to rely on our own experience and ingenuity. Even though we may not know the ins and outs of microbiology, we do know our body, and sometimes the patient really does know best!

Is there some aspect of diabetes management that particularly frustrates you? Is there a problem that you think the diabetes world is ignoring?  Do you have a diabetes life hack that you wish everyone could know about? Here’s your chance to get some bright young minds working with you to solve it! Join Disrupt Diabetes, a 3-month design challenge that hopes to foster patient-led innovation in the diabetes space.

The Disrupt Diabetes Challenge

Disrupt Diabetes brings together the best and brightest to solve problems that patients identify as most compelling. Here’s how it works:

Throughout the month of February, patients will be matched with Stanford undergraduates and thought leaders in design, forming a total of fifteen teams. Each team will have a patient, an undergraduate student, medical student, physician, thought leader, and design thinker.

From March through May, the patient, design thinker, and undergrad will work to select, scope, and analyze an unmet need in the diabetes community.

On May 20, all teams will come together to participate in a day-long Design Sprint session. Physicans, med students, and thought leaders will join their other team members, working together to design a solution to their patient-identified need. At the end of the day, teams will present their solutions to a panel of judges.

Two teams will receive additional mentorship and a $2,000 award to continue developing and implementing their solution.

Join a team

Disrupt Diabetes is currently looking for patients and students to apply to this unique challenge. They are hoping to get as diverse a group of patients as possible, in terms of age, ethnicity, type of diabetes, etc… They are accepting applications for patients of high school age and above.

What a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in being a leader in diabetes innovation! Apply at by February 24.


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