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A couple of weeks ago we put out a call for volunteer mentors for our new Dia-Buddies youth mentoring program. We are excited to announce that over 40 mentors have already signed up! Clearly the idea of teens with type 1 diabetes sharing their knowledge and experience with other newly diagnosed teens and tweens is resonating. Now that we have our mentors lined up, we have begun signing up mentees. If you have a teen or tween who would like to join the program, either as a mentor or a mentee, read our FAQ and click on the appropriate link to apply:

Apply to be a Dia-Buddies mentor if you are:

  • age 14-19, AND
  • have had T1D for at least 2 years

Apply to be a Dia-Buddies mentee if you are:

  • age 10-16, AND
  • have T1D (both newly diagnosed and experienced are welcome)


  • age 10-16, AND
  • sibling of a child with T1D


Dia-Buddies Program FAQ

What is Dia-Buddies?

Dia-Buddies is Carb DM’s newest program. We are working with JDRF to organize a series of social events for teens and tweens with T1D and their siblings. Dia-Buddies’ goal is to foster new peer connections and expand the support network for this age group. Teens with more T1D experience will act as role models, sharing their knowledge on balancing diabetes management and teen life.

Why should my teen or tween join Dia-Buddies?

Benefits for mentors:

  • Share hard-won knowledge and experience
  • Help out a fellow T1D
  • Gain community volunteer hours

Benefits for mentees:

  • Get advice from other teens
  • Be inspired by others by seeing what other teens with T1D can accomplish

Benefits for mentors and mentees:

  • Make new friends
  • Form a support network with peers who understand what they are going through
  • Participate in cool activities
  • Have fun!

What kinds of activities will the group be doing?

We are open to suggestions! Some of the activities we have planned include a trivia night, broom ball, pickup games (football, soccer, basketball, etc…), outdoor art, tie dying, henna tattoos, and more. If you have any ideas for other activities, please let us know on the signup form.

When are the events scheduled?

Our first event will be on October 22 at Rinconada Park.

  • November 19, 2016 – Broomball at Winter Lodge in Palo Alto
  • January 14, 2017 – TBD
  • March 18, 2017 – TBD

Does my teen/tween have to commit to all dates to be able to join the program?

Teens and tweens are welcome to attend as many or as few events as their schedule permits. Because mentors and mentees get together in a group setting (as opposed to one-on-one), there should be a good mix of mentors and mentees at every event.

My child is under 14 but he is not newly diagnosed. Is he eligible to be a mentee?

Yes! Any teen or tween with T1D can sign up as a mentee, whether newly diagnosed or not. In addition, because Dia-Buddies get together in a group setting, some kids could be mentors and mentees. For example, 10 years olds who have been diagnosed for 4 years are technically mentees, but they could end up mentoring other tweens. Even siblings of teens with T1D could end up being informal mentors.

My T1D sibling would like to meet other T1D siblings. Can he/she join Dia-Buddies?

We encourage siblings age 10-16 to apply as mentees! Siblings are an “underserved” community in many respects, often left behind and ignored by the T1D community. At Dia-Buddies, we want to give siblings a space to share their experiences.


If you have any other questions, comment on this post and we will add it to our FAQ!

Dia Buddies FAQ

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