To D-Moms on Mother’s Day: 10 things we’re thankful for

Here at Carb DM we talk a lot about heroes. We talk a lot — and deservedly so — about how heroic people with type 1 diabetes are. But we also need to recognize the heroes who love and support them. This Mother’s Day Weekend, we are honoring a very special hero: the mom of a child with T1D. D-Moms are not just moms, they’re substitute pancreases. They’re nutritionists who know the carb count of every edible substance on earth. They’re mathematicians who can adjust insulin-to-carb ratios in their heads when their child tells them they’ve been shooting hoops with their friends for three hours. D-Moms are taxi drivers, night nurses, emotional punching bags, and more.

Being a D-Mom, can feel like a thankless job. So this Mother’s Day, we at Carb DM want to give a shout out to D-Moms everywhere. To every D-Mom who feels overworked and underappreciated: We see you. We honor you. We thank you. Your kids may not say thank you, they may not even realize they are thankful. Don’t worry. Some day, they will. Until they’re old enough to say thank you, we’re more than happy to say it for them.

To all D-Moms: Thank you for…

  • Letting me sleep through the night without worry of diabetes, because you did the checking for me.
  • Reminding me to check my blood sugar no matter how much I whined or got upset.
  • Ordering diabetes supplies: from the pharmacy, from the DME distributor, online, on the phone…and everything insurance!
  • Remembering that I prefer the grape glucose tabs over the coconut ones.
  • Test strips. Putting up with, and cleaning up, all the strips I left everywhere.
  • Not just packing my lunch, but counting and labeling the carbs every single day.
  • Advocating for me always, especially during the times when I didn’t know how to myself.
  • Sending me to meet other kids with diabetes, even if at first I resisted. Little did I know that these people would become my tribe.
  • Letting me go on that very first sleepover, and never letting me know how much you worried.
  • Knowing that I’m more than my diabetes and encouraging me to chase my dreams.

Happy Mother’s Day to D-Moms everywhere! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

* Many thanks to Krystle Samai for her help in writing this post!


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