We’re Raising $5K for T1D Programs!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at the Coyote Point 5K!  It was an exceptional morning, with a record breaking 261 timed runners completing the course!  If you ran with us on Saturday and would like to see your run results, click here.  If you’d like to check out some photos of the day, click here.

While the actual run has come and gone, there is still time to support the cause with the Coyote Point Challenge – a virtual 5K to raise $5K.

You’re part of a group of people that know the incredible benefits that community, education, and support provide to those of us affected by type 1 diabetes, and we couldn’t be more excited to have you on the team.  Help us provide support to newly diagnosed kiddos and families this year, because we know that peer-to-peer connections can change the life of someone living with T1D forever.

You can help us reach our goal in one of two ways: 

1) Start your own peer to peer fundraising page.  Click here to create your account and get started– we provide with the tools and some language to get you going, which you can use or update with your own story.  For just 15 minutes of your time and from the warmth of your own home, you can set-up an online fundraising page, send a few emails (or post on your social media), and before you know it you’ll have improved the life of someone with T1D.

2) Donate directly to the cause now.  Want to help us reach our goal but don’t want to create your own page?  Click here to donate directly to this campaign and help us get there today!