Carb DM will cease operations on June 30, 2020


Over the last decade, Carb DM has had the privilege of being part of the lives of hundreds of families and individuals with T1D.

Since its founding by Tamar Sofer-Geri in 2011, Carb DM has filled a demonstrated need for support and education in the Bay Area Type 1 community and beyond. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed getting to know you at in-person events such as Type 1 Topics, Carbs in the Park, Beer & Basals, the Bay Area Diabetes Summit, Mother-Daughter Weekend, and more–as well as connecting with families online through Brave Buddies.

That’s what makes this email so difficult. As a result of the pandemic, funding to many worthwhile organizations has been reduced drastically. This has hit Carb DM especially hard. We’ve had to cancel our Mother-Daughter Weekend and annual Author Luncheon fundraiser, as well as significantly scale back the Bay Area Diabetes Summit, which we held virtually last Sunday. The revenue from these events has traditionally sustained our organization throughout the year.

Our mission is focused exclusively on community and outreach, and funding Carb DM has been a continuous challenge to achieve, even in the best of times. It does not appear we will be able to return to in-person programming any time in the foreseeable future. In addition, in this current economy, it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to raise sufficient funding to remain a viable organization.

It is with great sadness that we are sending this note to tell you all that Carb DM will cease operations on June 30, 2020. However, this does NOT mean that the programs you have come to love will disappear.

  • We are working with JDRF, a long standing partner of the Bay Area Diabetes Summit and this year’s co-host, to take this program on and continue to offer it for the T1D community.
  • JDRF will continue to host Diabetes 101 and Ready, Set, Go College!
  • Brave Buddies has a new home, too. This incredible resource for parents of kids with T1D was first started by Tracy Weatherby in 2000, and became a part of Carb DM in 2014. Diabetes Youth Families (DYF) will be taking over the management of Brave Buddies effective July 1st. We expect the transition to be fairly seamless, with little to no changes noticeable to list members.
  • Carb DM has always relied on an amazing team of volunteers. We believe that many of these individuals will step up in a grassroots effort to continue to lead such programs as Coffee & Carbs, Carbs in the Park, and Beer & Basals.

In closing, we thank you for the opportunity to be part of your diabetes journey—we really do feel connected to each and every one of you. During this unprecedented time, we ask you to hold our community close and continue to help each other as you have done so well throughout the years. Please continue to support the organizations that are dedicated to helping individuals and families living with T1D, as you are able.


The Carb DM Board of Directors
Melissa Anderson, Linda Baer, Jeff Chang, Katie Craft, Susan Edwards, Linda Popky and Krishna Varia