Change is Afoot at Carb DM

Change is Afoot at Carb DM


Dear Carb DM Family,

We are writing to share important news with you. Tamar Sofer-Geri has decided to step down from her role as Executive Director of Carb DM by the middle of next year. In the seven years since Carb DM began as a gathering of families, the organization has grown substantially. With this growth come additional and ever expanding tasks that require attention and time — time away from the work that Tamar started out with and that she is passionate about. Tamar will remain active with Carb DM in community outreach and be in charge of reaching out to newly diagnosed families, meeting with families, and nurturing the connections that build our community.

All who have met Tamar know that she is incredibly creative, has enormous energy and compassion and an unsurpassed memory for people and their stories. She is always eager to reach out to newly diagnosed families as well as those who have been on this journey for a longer time. Tamar can tell you about the latest research and technology that may be of benefit to you and put you in contact with the people who can support you. Tamar will help you see the opportunities that come from the diagnosis, or as she puts it, ‘seize diabetes’.

Carb DM is truly unique in the breadth and depth of programming that it offers. With over 70 programs throughout the year, there is a Carb DM program for every age and stage of T1D. The Board remains firmly committed to continuing to provide these high-impact education and connection opportunities to everyone in the local T1D community. With Tamar’s continued involvement in community outreach we expect a transition so smooth you might not even notice it.

The board is starting a search for a new executive director for Carb DM. If you or someone you know might be a good candidate, please share this opportunity with them – we believe our best candidates are likely to come from within our community and its circle of friends. We look forward to finding an executive director committed to both preserving the Carb DM legacy and bringing fresh ideas to the organization. For a job description and more information where to apply, click here.

If you would like to take a moment to express thanks to Tamar, please share your thoughts on our website. We thank you for making this community strong and vibrant, and all of you for your active support as it continues to evolve. Carb DM’s greatest strength is its members, and we value all of you immensely.


Carb DM Board of Directors:
Heike Fischer, President
Karen Jordan, Treasurer
Anne Marie Gallagher, Secretary
Melissa Anderson
Jeff Chang
Dr. Avni Shah

3 responses to “Change is Afoot at Carb DM

  1. Tamar – Thank you for reaching out to me as a type I diabetic and a professional. You are a kind person and a great leader. I hope that I see you in the community in the near future.

  2. Type I is a journey and if there was anyone I would want sitting on the bus it’s Tamar and Tia who bring humanity, humor and an incredible amount of knowledge to the adventure which is by definition a trail by error experience. Our community is blessed to have you both on board!

  3. Thank you, Tamar, for your warm welcome into the Type 1 community when our daughter was diagnosed a year ago. We are happy to hear that you will continue to work with newly diagnosed families and outreach. We appreciate all that you do and will continue to do to support our T1D community! Thank you!

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