Boardroom Blog: Farwell to Sheryl Klein

Carb DM Board Member, Anne Marie Gallagher, will be publishing an occasional series of posts with updates on the work of Carb DM’s Board of Directors. This will be your way to find out more about the work of the Board, its strategic plans for the organization, learn more about the board members, and ways you can get involved with the Board.

In this first Boardroom Blog post, we say good bye to one of Carb DM’s earliest board members, Sheryl Klein.


Last week, Carb DM said good-bye to Board Member Sheryl Klein. Sheryl, who has made huge contributions to Carb DM over the years, began her T1D journey when her son (now a rising Sophomore at McGill University) was diagnosed in 2003. 

Executive Director Tamar remembers Sheryl’s path to the Carb DM Board…

“In fall of 2010 I scheduled coffee with Sheryl to tell her about my idea to start a non-profit organization for the type 1 community. Sheryl had tried years prior to get a support group going for parents of children with T1D. This was before I entered the diabetes community, but my understanding is that the support group ran for about 6 weeks through Parents Place and didn’t manage to gain traction. So when I told Sheryl about my idea, she was skeptical. In 2011, Carb DM was established and I had tried a number of times to get in touch with Sheryl but we weren’t able to connect.

In February 2012 Carb DM was already established and I was hosting a talk with Joe Solowiejczyk, a well-known nurse, social worker, CDE, and person with diabetes for 50 years. He talks about the topic of family dynamics, especially as they pertain to teens and T1D management. Sheryl was having a lot of challenges with her son at that time, so she was interested in that topic.

We were finally scheduled to have coffee the day after the talk. Sheryl was really excited after the talk. She saw how many people attended, what a difference it made to them, and so at our coffee she asked if it would be “chuzpah” if she asked to join on the board. I enthusiastically accepted her offer!”

Sheryl has been a great advocate for Carb DM in the community and was the first Carb DM Treasurer, installing systems like HR, payroll, bookkeeping and monitoring financial health as the organization grew. She helped Carb DM put together its first budget – a huge undertaking and achievement for any nonprofit.

Sheryl’s been a big supporter of making sure all who wanted to access programs like the Mother-Daughter Weekend were able to, regardless of financial constraints. We will miss her ability to play devil’s advocate in a gracious manner, her courage to raise difficult issues and her ability to make us laugh in board meetings. Her passionate support of Carb DM will definitely be missed!

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