2018 Open Enrollment: 10 things you need to know about health insurance

Open enrollment is approaching! Individuals who do not have healthcare insurance through their employer can sign up for coverage between November 1 and December 15, 2017. Due to the high cost of medical care, health insurance is an important issue for the diabetes community. (Medical expenditures for people with diabetes are about 2.3 times higher, … Continued

Change is Afoot at Carb DM

Change is Afoot at Carb DM   Dear Carb DM Family, We are writing to share important news with you. Tamar Sofer-Geri has decided to step down from her role as Executive Director of Carb DM by the middle of next year. In the seven years since Carb DM began as a gathering of families, … Continued

Top 5 diabetes Halloween costumes (and how to make them)

Diabetes can be scary and isolating, and many people with diabetes don’t like to talk about it because they don’t want people to pity them or their families. However, accepting yourself as a person with diabetes is an important step towards greater self-confidence and improved self-care. Proudly wearing your pump or cgm for everyone to … Continued

Baring it all for a cause: the T1D Exposed 2018 Calendar

If someone had told you that people would buy a calendar featuring naked people — not models, ordinary people like you and I — you’d probably think they were crazy. But that’s just what happened when a group of middle aged women published a nude calendar in 1998 to raise funds for cancer research. Their story inspired … Continued

10 tips for T1D runners

Running is one of the most effective ways to get fit and stay fit. It’s good for your heart, it strengthens muscles and joins, and it burns serious calories. Running is good for the heart, the body, and the mind! With good planning and preparation, running can be a great form of exercise for people … Continued

How to help kill the Graham-Cassidy bill

Just when you thought your health care might be safe, another threat looms on the horizon. Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham have introduced a health care bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more popularly known as Obamacare. They have until September 30 to get this bill voted in with a … Continued

Ask Gov. Brown to sign AB 447 and grant Medi-Cal patients access to CGMs

Everyone deserves a CGM Advancements in research and technology have made living with T1D more manageable than ever before. We have pumps, CGMs, and remote monitoring capabilities at our disposal. We even have a closed loop insulin delivery system (aka artificial pancreas) available! However, all the technology in the world is useless unless people have … Continued

Yoga is for every body!

Today’s guest blogger is author, yoga instructor, and diabetes advocate, Rachel Zinman. Rachel was diagnosed with T1D at age 42. Initially, Rachel relied on the profound health benefits of yoga and Ayurveda to help preserve her insulin producing cells. As time went on, she realized the only way forward was to incorporate insulin into her … Continued

Meet our volunteers: Tony Steuer

Carb DM would not be the community that it is without the hard work and support of our volunteers. Many of our events require a lot of manpower; fortunately, there are many in the community who are willing and able to step up and help. Our volunteers put in many hours of effort to plan, … Continued