The Diabetes You Don’t See

Today is World Diabetes Day. It’s the day we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin. A day we celebrate the privilege we have to be alive, live life to the max and seize diabetes despite our disease. I spent all day reading through all the inspiring, upbeat and moving posts on … Continued

Meet our volunteers: Heike Fischer

Carb DM would not be the community that it is without the hard work and support of our volunteers. Carb DM’s Meet Our Volunteers blog post series introduces readers to our volunteers. It’s our small way of recognizing them and showing our appreciation! This month’s featured volunteer is Carb DM board member Heike Fischer. Most … Continued

Meet the T1D Exposed models: Carb DM interviews Doris Hobbs

There is no doubt that type 1 diabetes takes its toll on the body. With every blood sugar check, every insulin shot, every site change, we are reminded of our imperfect bodies. Those bruises, that tubing, that pump, all mark us as different. So who on earth would be crazy enough to bare it all for … Continued

Meet our volunteers: DiabetesMine Scholars Divya & Sarah

Carb DM would not be the community that it is without the support of our volunteers. Many of our events require a lot of manpower; fortunately, there are many in the community who are willing and able to help. Our volunteers put in hours of effort to plan, set up, and run our events. We … Continued

Halloween Candy Carb Count

Halloween night is only a few days away! If you have little ghouls and goblins all set to go trick-or-treating, make sure you prepare beforehand with costumes, flashlights, a walking route, and a plan to “use up” the candy afterwards. If you’re a parent to a child with diabetes, you might also want to discuss … Continued

2018 Open Enrollment: 10 things you need to know about health insurance

Open enrollment is approaching! Individuals who do not have healthcare insurance through their employer can sign up for coverage between November 1 and December 15, 2017. Due to the high cost of medical care, health insurance is an important issue for the diabetes community. (Medical expenditures for people with diabetes are about 2.3 times higher, … Continued

Change is Afoot at Carb DM

Change is Afoot at Carb DM   Dear Carb DM Family, We are writing to share important news with you. Tamar Sofer-Geri has decided to step down from her role as Executive Director of Carb DM by the middle of next year. In the seven years since Carb DM began as a gathering of families, … Continued

Top 5 diabetes Halloween costumes (and how to make them)

Diabetes can be scary and isolating, and many people with diabetes don’t like to talk about it because they don’t want people to pity them or their families. However, accepting yourself as a person with diabetes is an important step towards greater self-confidence and improved self-care. Proudly wearing your pump or cgm for everyone to … Continued

Baring it all for a cause: the T1D Exposed 2018 Calendar

If someone had told you that people would buy a calendar featuring naked people — not models, ordinary people like you and I — you’d probably think they were crazy. But that’s just what happened when a group of middle aged women published a nude calendar in 1998 to raise funds for cancer research. Their story inspired … Continued