Brenda and Malia: Why we love Mother Daughter Weekend

Registration for the 2017 Mother Daughter Weekend is now open! If you have a daughter with diabetes age 12 and up, join us on April 21-23 for 3 days of learning and connecting. We’ll cover topics relevant to teen girls with diabetes such as food, body image, puberty with T1D, and mother-daughter communication. We also … Continued

5 Lessons we can learn from Will Cross

One of the most highly anticipated speakers at the 2017 Bay Area Diabetes Summit was Will Cross. Will is a mountain climber who has lived with type 1 diabetes for forty years. As  the first person with diabetes to have reached the South Pole and the top of Mount Everest, Will is an inspiration to … Continued

Welcome to Diabetes: Reliving D-Day

Do you remember the day you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes — your D-Day? Do you remember the events that led up to it? D-Day is such a fitting term for Diabetes Diagnosis Day because D-Day marks the invasion of Normandy by the Allied Army during World War 2. The tides of history changed that day, … Continued

Ready, Set, Go, College! Calling All Juniors!

As many parents and juniors in high school know, junior year is often the most stressful year in terms of college prep. While the actual application process doesn’t start until the fall of senior year, juniors are already busy studying for the SAT/ACT test, often taking the test once in the spring of junior year. Their classes and … Continued

Exercising with type 1 diabetes: 5 tips for beginners

For a person with type 1 diabetes, physical activity plays a vital part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise helps prevent a variety of health problems, safeguards your mental health, and improves your mood, helping you live a longer, happier life. For individuals with type 1 diabetes, exercise can also help decrease daily insulin … Continued

Local paper runs feature on type 1 diabetes by Tia Geri

One of the most familiar faces in the Carb DM community is Tia Geri, daughter of founder and executive director Tamar. Her official/unofficial title in the Carb DM organization is Chief Inspiration Officer. After all, it’s safe to say that without Tia, Carb DM would not exist. Tia wears many other hats at Carb DM. … Continued

2017 Bay Area Diabetes Summit, By the Numbers

It’s hard to believe that the 2017 Bay Area Diabetes Summit is over! We had such a great time learning and connecting with the diabetes community. Here’s a fun look at this year’s Summit by the numbers: Summit registrants: 358 Kids’ Camp registrants: 94 Dogs: 4 Duration: 8 hours Morning sessions (including Kids’ Camp): 7 … Continued

Last minute tips for the Bay Area Diabetes Summit 2017

The 2017 Bay Area Diabetes Summit is just two days away, and we’re expecting over 600 people! We’ve been working hard to make sure everyone has a fun, stress-free day. With such a large crowd, figuring out where to go can be confusing, especially if this is your first summit.  Here are some last minute tips … Continued

Bay Area Diabetes Summit 2017 Raffle Prizes

Anyone want a bottle of sparkling wine for $5? At this year’s Bay Area Diabetes Summit, you just might get the chance! That’s just one of the great prizes that you could win at this year’s raffle drawing. This year’s top prize is coffee with international diabetes advocate Kyle Jacques Rose! Kyle is an internationally … Continued