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Poppy Medical ID bracelet

A new school year has begun, and all over the country young adults are headed to college while their parents hold their breath. It’s not always easy to let your child go, particularly when your child has type 1 diabetes. One of the best ways to stay safe in class, on campus, or anywhere is to wear a medical ID bracelet. These bracelets let emergency personnel, and others know that the wearer has a medical condition. If you have T1D, wearing a medical ID bracelet can save your life by alerting others to your condition when you are unable to communicate.

Just in time for back to school, Poppy Medical is offering a great deal to Carb DM members for the month of September: get 15% off your purchase of a Poppy Medical ID bracelet with code carbDM. In addition, Poppy Medical will donate 10% of the purchase price to Carb DM! Poppy Medical sells finely crafted, fashionable medical ID bracelets. It’s easy to mistake a Poppy ID bracelet for a regular piece of jewelry, so fashion-forward (or self-conscious) teens and adults will have no problem wearing their Poppy ID bracelets anywhere and everywhere.

Poppy Medical ID bracelet features:

  • Delicate designs go well with any outfit.
  • Engraved with the universally recognizable Star of Life symbol, which emergency personnel are trained to recognize.
  • Customizable, up to 2 lines, 13-19 characters per line depending on design.
  • Adjustable sizing.
  • Wear 24/7.

Once again, Poppy is offering a 15% discount and 10% donation to Carb DM with code CarbDM. This promotion is valid until September 30th so get your Poppy ID Medical Bracelet today.


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