Top 10 Reasons to Support Carb DM

We all have our reasons for supporting different organizations. All it takes is one compelling reason for us to click that button and make a gift. Here are our top 10 reasons for supporting Carb DM. Click on the one that compels you to make your gift today. #10 Giving to Carb DM hurts less … Continued

Change is Afoot at Carb DM

Change is Afoot at Carb DM   Dear Carb DM Family, We are writing to share important news with you. Tamar Sofer-Geri has decided to step down from her role as Executive Director of Carb DM by the middle of next year. In the seven years since Carb DM began as a gathering of families, … Continued

Text messaging helps teens maintain A1C levels

AD Being a teen with T1D can be challenging. Like their non-T1D peers, they are transitioning to becoming fully-independent adults. Unlike their peers, they must also learn to manage their diabetes on their own. As any T1D adult or parent of a child with T1D knows, managing diabetes takes a lot of work. Teens may think … Continued

Glucagon-blocking drug reduces insulin requirements

When people think of diabetes, they inevitably think of the hormone insulin, but at this year’s 77th ADA Scientific Sessions, one of the most exciting developments involved insulin’s “sister” hormone glucagon. Researchers from University of California San Diego released the results of a study showing the glucagon-blocking drug REMD-477 can lower the amount of insulin … Continued

Advocating for Access for All in California

Three weeks ago I had the privilege to join representatives from Medtronic and Dexcom in Sacramento for a meeting of the California State Assembly Committee on Health. I spoke as a witness in favor of AB 447 which calls for funding of Continuous Glucose Monitors for anyone covered by MediCal. Now that Medicare covers CGMs … Continued

Ready, Set, Go, College! Calling All Juniors!

As many parents and juniors in high school know, junior year is often the most stressful year in terms of college prep. While the actual application process doesn’t start until the fall of senior year, juniors are already busy studying for the SAT/ACT test, often taking the test once in the spring of junior year. Their classes and … Continued

Ready? Set! Reset!

After completing her degree at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and raising two children, Bonnie Carlson, reignited her passion for healthy cooking when her pre-teen daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The result: The Reset Factor Kitchen by Dr. Mindy Pelz and Bonnie Carlson, a new way of looking at what we put … Continued

Boardroom Blog: Farwell to Sheryl Klein

Carb DM Board Member, Anne Marie Gallagher, will be publishing an occasional series of posts with updates on the work of Carb DM’s Board of Directors. This will be your way to find out more about the work of the Board, its strategic plans for the organization, learn more about the board members, and ways … Continued

Life With a Diabetes Alert Dog – Part 2

Guest Post by Emma Kleck, Carb DM’s Program Assistant. In Part 1, we met Emma and her Diabetes Alert Dog, Fleur. In Part 2, we learn more about Early Alert Canines, the organization that trained Fleur and Emma to be a strongly bonded team. Early Alert Canines was established in 2010, and have been placing … Continued