Caring for your kidneys

Most people don’t really think about their kidneys, but people with type 1 diabetes need to pay special attention to kidney health. Kidney disease is a common complication of type 1 diabetes. Up to forty percent of patients with type 1 diabetes have some form of kidney disease, but it is possible to prevent or … Continued

10 questions for Krystle Samai

If there’s one person everyone at Carb DM wants to know better, it’s Executive Director Krystle Samai — but where to start? That’s where icebreaker questions come in handy. One of the best sets of questions to help you find out more about another person is James Lipton’s 10 questions. Lipton is dean of the … Continued

Jacob’s diagnosis story

Jacob may be just two years old, but he’s already a hero. A Diabetes Hero. Today we are sharing Jacob’s diagnosis story as told by his mother Jolee. We started noticing that Jacob was peeing through his diapers at night. For a while we just thought maybe we bought defective diapers and started doing double … Continued

10 fun facts about Krystle Samai

It has been over a month since Krystle Samai joined the Carb DM team as Executive Director, and it feels like she has always been a part of the family! If you’ve met Krystle at any of our recent events, you already know how warm and welcoming she is, how she bubbles over with energy … Continued

Summer 2018: T1D community events

School’s out, summer is here, and the possibilities are endless. Long, sunny days make summer the perfect time to explore a new place, visit friends and family, or kick back and relax. Unfortunately, diabetes doesn’t take a summer break, so why not stay one step ahead and head to one of the many summertime events … Continued

How to create your own Diabetes Heroes Fundraiser

You don’t need to wear a cape and tights to be a superhero! Anyone can be a hero. A Diabetes Hero. You can be like our Diabetes Heroes Krystle and Jacob and help raise funds for Carb DM. The funds you raise will make it possible for Carb DM to continue running the programs and services … Continued

Intro to the iLet™ bionic pancreas

One year after the commercial launch of the MiniMed 670G system, another technological breakthrough promises to rock the diabetes world. On May 21, Boston-based Beta Bionics Inc announced that it received FDA approval to begin recruitment for home-use studies testing its version of an “artificial pancreas”. Trials for the iLet ™ bionic pancreas start in the … Continued

Meet Diabetes Hero Jacob

Thank you to everyone for supporting our annual Diabetes Heroes! This campaign is all about celebrating people who give back to the Carb DM diabetes community. Our heroes appreciate the positive impact that Carb DM has on their lives, and want to keep that community going. Today’s Diabetes Hero is 2 year-old Jacob. Living with type 1 … Continued

Meet Diabetes Hero Krystle

Carb DM is excited to launch our Diabetes Heroes Campaign, celebrating people who give back to the Carb DM diabetes community. Our heroes appreciate the positive impact that Carb DM has on their lives, and want to keep that community going. Who better to kick off this year’s Diabetes Heroes campaign than Carb DM’s new Executive Director … Continued

Be a Diabetes Hero

There’s no shortage of heroes in the diabetes community. From researchers who work to save lives, to triathletes who inspire us all, to parents who come home from a long work day and check their kid’s blood sugars at 3:00 am, to a little boy who bites his lip to keep from crying because he … Continued