American Girl introduces Diabetes Care Kit for dolls

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit for dolls

Little girls with type 1 diabetes and their parents are celebrating all over the country because popular doll maker American Girl has just introduced a Diabetes Care Kit for dolls! American Girl already sells accessory kits that kids with a variety of conditions can relate to, including corrective eyeglasses, wheelchairs, orthodontic headgear, hearing aids, allergy-free lunch kits, service dogs, and dolls without hair. Thanks to a petition started 2 years ago by Anja Busse and her mother Ingrid, American Girl began selling the kit online and in stores (MSRP: $24) on January 1, as part of their Truly Me doll line. Truly Me dolls are designed to resemble the girls who own them, so having a Diabetes Care Kit for dolls means that girls with type 1 diabetes can now truly get an American Girl doll that looks like them!

I live near the American Girl Store in Palo Alto, so as soon as I heard about the new Diabetes Care Kit, I rushed over to get one for my daughter’s American Girl doll. It is adorable! American Girl has really paid a lot of attention to the details and come up with an accurate, well-made accessory. Below are some photos for those wanting a closer look at American Girl’s Diabetes Care Kit for dolls:

The insulin pump can be clipped onto the doll’s pants, leggings, or skirt. A sheet of circular stickers is included so that the infusion set can be attached to the doll’s body.  Also included is a sheet of insulin pump skin stickers.

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit for dolls


Not every child uses an insulin pump, so the kit also comes with an insulin pen. The dial on the pen even clicks to measure out the appropriate amount of insulin! Unfortunately, the kit does not come with a bottle of insulin but it does include a tube of glucose tablets.

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit for dolls


The doll can check her blood sugar levels with her glucose monitor (which clips to her hand) and lancet device. The blue tip of the lancet device is spring loaded, so the tip can be pressed into the device! The only thing that would make this setup better would be to include a container of test strips that can be inserted into the monitor (right now there is only one test strip that is permanently in the monitor). That, and the ability to vary the monitor readings so it doesn’t always have a BG of 104!

American Girl Doll Diabetes Care Kit


A daily diabetes journal allows the doll to record her insulin doses and blood sugar levels for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time for every day of the week.

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit for dolls


The kit even comes with a purple medical ID bracelet that says “Type 1 Diabetes”!

American Girl Diabetes Care Kit for dolls


All the supplies fit nicely into the pink zippered storage case with ID card.

American Girl Doll Diabetes Care Kit (9)


Here’s the full list of supplies included in the Diabetes Care Kit:

  • storage case
  • ID card
  • medical bracelet
  • glucose monitor
  • lancet device
  • glucose tablet container
  • insulin pump
  • insulin pen
  • sheet of stickers
  • sheet of adhesive disks
  • log book

The kit works not only for 18-inch American Girl dolls, but also for other 18-inch dolls such as Our Generation and Madame Alexander, as well as other American Girl products such as Bitty Baby dolls and Bitty Twins dolls. Note that Bitty Twins offers boy dolls, so even little boys who love dolls can enjoy the new Diabetes Care Kit.

American Girl Doll Diabetes Care Kit

The Diabetes Care Kit is already selling out in American Girl stores around the country, which shows what a large, previously untapped market exists. What a great new addition to the American Girl line of products!

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