Advocating for insulin affordability

When Drs. Banting & Best first discovered insulin in the 1920’s, they sold the patent for its discovery to the University of Toronto for only $1. They hoped this would ensure that everyone who needed this life-saving drug would be able to get it. Sadly, almost 100 years later, nothing could be further than the truth. As of September 2018, the list price of Humalog ranges from $274-$300, an increase of 1123% since June 1996. The high price of insulin has people scrambling to come up with a solution, any solution, including crowdfunding, purchasing overseas, even rationing their insulin. In some cases, the results are fatal. Read the infographic below for some sobering facts about insulin affordability from the American Diabetes Association.


For people with diabetes, insulin is not a luxury, it is life. Just as the right to life is a basic human right, access to insulin should also be a human right.  As the US midterm elections approaches, the diabetes community must raise awareness of insulin affordability. We must make sure our elected officials understand its importance. And we must support candidates who support this issue.

What you can do

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