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How Do You Measure a Year?

I always get a little pensive around this time of year. It’s not because I’m reflecting back on the year that was or making resolutions for the year ahead. It’s because January 8th is my daughter, Tia’s, dia-birthday. This will be her 7th. That means she’s spent almost half her life living with T1D.

January 11th marks the 94th anniversary of the first insulin shot ever given to a person.* It also happens to be my birthday (though thankfully not my 94th!). I can’t avoid feeling eerie about the proximity of these events.

Tia’s title at Carb DM is Chief Inspiration Officer. Everyone at Carb DM is inspired and motivated by their personal connection to diabetes. The staff, board, and volunteers are all passionate about what they do because they are all parents of children with type 1 diabetes, adults with type 1 diabetes, or healthcare providers.

We all want to make sure that no one has to manage diabetes alone.

We hope you feel that passion at every program you attend, in every newsletter you read, Facebook post you like, Instagram photo you view, and tweet you receive.

However you stay connected with us, our mission is to make sure you Connect. Learn. Thrive.

We hope we have succeeded and that you feel inspired enough to make a gift to Carb DM today so that we can continue to fulfill our mission in 2016.

We wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.

Tamar, Tia, and everyone at Carb DM

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