Five ways to use excess Halloween candy

Halloween candy

Does it seem to you like your child’s Halloween candy stash gets larger every year? Maybe the treat bags are getting bigger, or the neighbors are getting more generous. Or maybe it’s just that your little ghouls are getting older, and are able to walk around gathering treats for longer periods of time.

Even after letting your child pick out their favorites, even after restocking your low supply drawer, you may end up with more candy than you want.  A few years ago we came up with half a dozen creative uses for excess Halloween candy.  Here are five more:


Use candy in art projects

Remember macaroni art? Glue wrapped candy onto cardstock to make mosaic-inspired designs. Or how about painting with candy? Blogger Mama. Papa. Bubba. has a great tutorial on how to make scented glossy paint using Skittles and corn syrup.


Use candy in craft projects

We mentioned holiday gingerbread houses in our previous post, but there are many other crafts that call for candy. Lollipop trees are easy to make and fun to display in any office. Candy wreaths add a seasonal touch to Thanksgiving or holiday home decor.


Use candy in science projects

What child doesn’t love the old mentos-and-Coke experiment? Check out and for more ways to explore science with candy.


Make trail mix

Combining candy with protein and complex carbs makes a hearty snack that’s yummy enough to taste like a treat. Some ideas for ingredients include M&Ms, chocolate covered raisins, malted milk balls, candy corn, dried cranberries, pretzels, nuts, granola, and popcorn. Your mix will taste as good as any commercially-made trail mix, and it will be a lot cheaper.


Freeze your candy

You’ll know you’ll probably end up buying more candy at some point during the year, so why not save what you already have? If you can spare the space in your freezer, you can put away your favorites and have them on hand for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthday pinatas, and other occasions.  In addition, your low supply drawer is eventually going to run out. Freezing your extra Halloween candy ensures you have a quick and easy way to replenish your low supplies!


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