10 Ways to Raise $100 for the Coyote Point 5k to $5k Challenge

The Coyote Point 5k is just one week away! Get ready for a great morning filled with friends, fitness, and fun (not to mention pancakes).  Everyone from the fastest runner to the teeniest walker, from volunteers to sponsors, will be coming out to support Carb DM’s programs and services.

Even if you can’t make it on January 25, you can still support Carb DM by joining the Coyote Point Challenge, a virtual 5k with the goal of raising $5k. We’re looking for 50 supporters to help us raise $100 each. $100 may not seem like much, but it can make the difference for people with T1D who don’t have the resources to attend a Carb DM program like the Bay Area Diabetes Summit or Mother-Daughter weekend.

Below are ten easy ideas to help you raise $100 or more for Carb DM. Are you up for the challenge?

1) Ask family and friends to pitch in. The more people who donate, the smaller the amount you need to ask! You can offer fun incentives like adopting a new hairstyle if you reach your goal. If you’re running the Coyote Point 5k, you could ask 10 people to donate $2 for every kilometer that you run! Make sure they know that they are donating to Carb DM and why Carb DM is important to you. Don’t forget to write thank-you letters to those who donate.

2) Double up. Ask your employer whether they offer matching funds programs, or whether your family or friends’ employers do. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double the amount of your gift! Inquire with your personnel/HR department to complete the paperwork required to get your gift

3) One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Get started on your spring cleaning and hold a yard sale! Instead of asking people to pay for the goods, ask them to make a donation to Carb DM. Ask friends and neighbors to donate as well. If you don’t feel like putting on a yard sale, you can sell higher-value items on eBay or NextDoor.

4) Best present ever. Celebrating a birthday soon? Tell your friends and family that in lieu of a traditional gift, you’d love them to donate to Carb DM. You’ll feel good, and so will they.

5) Change for change. Forgo your daily latte or boba tea for a week and put that $4 aside for Carb DM! At $4 a pop, you’ll have $100 in less than a month.

6) Change for change, part 2. If you own a business with a storefront, consider putting out a change donation jar on behalf of Carb DM, near your cash register. May people prefer to donate their loose change rather than have it jingle around in their pocket or purse. Those cents can add up quickly!

7) Do a neighbor a favor. Offer to take out your neighbor’s trash for a month, or take care of their pet during their annual ski trip. Instead of your usual fee, ask for a donation to Carb DM.

8) Bake sale. Ask your child to team up with friends and help raise money via a bake sale.

9) Flower sale. If you are a high schooler (or your child is in high school), make and sell Valentine-grams during the week of February 14. You can also make and sell corsages and boutonnieres during prom season or homecoming weekend.

10) Discounted gift cards. Ask local businesses if they are willing to donate gift cards to a worthy cause. Then sell the gift cards to family or friends for a discount. Make sure they know where the money is going. People are always more likely to help out if they know their money is helping a worthy cause.


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