10 Reasons to join Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies at the 2017 JDRF One Walk

JDRF One Walk

It’s that time of year again! No, we’re not talking about pumpkin spice lattes. We’re talking about JDRF One Walk. Once again, the Carb DM community will lace up their sneakers and join JDRF in walking to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

This year, Carb DM, along with online community Brave Buddies, is fielding not one, but two teams.  Our first team, led by Rebecca Cooney and Tamar Sofer-Geri, will walk at the JDRF One Walk in Silicon Valley on October 8. Our second team, led by Tony Steuer, will walk at the JDRF One Walk in San Ramon on October 15. Money raised from the walk helps fund lifesaving treatment and new technologies in the hopes of a world without type 1 diabetes.

Not sure what to expect? On the fence about signing up? Here are ten reasons why joining Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies at JDRF One Walk is a great idea:


1. Multiple locations

The Bay Area covers a lot of ground; fortunately JDRF has four One Walks, each covering a different section. That way, you don’t have to drive too far to join the walk and do your part. You can register and walk at any (or all!) of the four locations:

Team Carb DM-Brave buddies will be walking at two locations: Silicon Valley and San Ramon.


2. Great surroundings

JDRF has scored some amazing locations for this year’s Bay Area One Walks! The crisp, cool, fall morning air and beautiful views will make it a lot easier to get your steps in for the day. Sports fans will love walking around Levi’s Stadium for the Silicon Valley walk. Walkers at the Monterey event will be treated to views of the Pacific Ocean, just off Lover’s Point Park. Not to be outdone, San Francisco walk participants will be inspired by the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. What a picturesque way to spend a morning!


3. Multiple distances

Is your schedule packed on October 8? Don’t worry. This year, the Silicon Valley One Walk at Levi’s Stadium is offering a choice of a 2 or 3 mile route. If you’ve got another activity on that day — or if you have stubborn tots who insist on walking — you can walk the quicker 2-mile route. Or you can go the distance and walk the 3 mile route. Either way, you’ll be getting some exercise and joining in the fun.


4. Family-friendly activities

Strollers and service dogs are welcome to walk! In addition, JDRF has organized activities for the whole family. Activities include family yoga, a Shark shootout game, kids’ activities, and entertainment. As always, Trial Net and the Vendor Village will offer participants the chance to learn about the latest products and services for the diabetes community. Don’t forget to stop by the Carb DM table while you’re there!


5. Chalk Talks

Get up to speed on the latest developments in the research world. All four Bay Area One Walks have a full schedule of Chalk Talks at the JDRF Pipeline Tent. Chalk Talks are short, casual research updates on JDRF’s research efforts. The first talk starts at 10:00 am (8:00 am for the Silicon Valley event) and talks continue pre and post walk. Speakers from the medical field include Dr. Darrell Wilson, Dr. Bruce Buckingham, Dr. Jennifer Olson, and Dr. Jen Schneider. JDRF speakers include Greater Bay Area Chapter Board President Karen Jordan and Greater Bay Area Chapter Board Member Mark Fischer-Colbrie.


6. Free food

Fuel up before your run with healthy eats! Breakfast burritos will be served at Levi’s Stadium before the walk, and Fuddruckers will be back at San Ramon.


7. No registration fee

Participation is free for everyone, so this is truly an event where the whole family can participate! Invite grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Bring the neighbors, the book club, and the soccer team!


8. No fundraising minimum

No amount of money is too small. JDRF does not have a fundraising minimum to participate in One Walk, so even the youngest child can participate. That said, the main purpose of the walk is fundraising, and every participant is encouraged to support JDRF by making a donation. In addition, participants who raise $100 and over will get a free event t-shirt. You can also earn prizes for increasing donation levels. Kids, get those lemonade stands out and aim high!


9. Raise funds for diabetes research

When you join Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies, you’ll be raising funds for life-saving research. You’ll be helping millions affected by diabetes to live better lives with fewer complications. What’s more, you’ll be funding research breakthroughs that can lead to a cure.


10. Be a part of something big

With over 900,000 people across the country participating each year, JDRF One Walk is the largest T1D event in the world. When you join Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies, you’ll be making some great friends who “get” your reality, no explanations necessary. In addition, you’ll be uniting with the diabetes community to raise awareness about diabetes.  You’ll be helping people combat discrimination at school and the workplace. There’s strength in numbers!


Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies at the JDRF One Walk

Sign up for JDRF One Walk and register as a member of Team Carb DM-Brave Buddies at these locations:

Silicon Valley: October 8 at Levi’s Stadium

  • 7:30 am     registration opens, kids’ activities open
  • 8:00 am     Chalk Talk with Pipeline Strategy begins
  • 9:00 am     Walk begins
  • 11:00 am   Walk finishes

San Ramon: Oct 15 at Bishop Ranch Park

  • 9:30 am     registration opens, kids’ activities open
  • 10:00 am   Chalk Talk with Pipeline Strategy begins
  • 11:00 am    Walk begins
  • 1:00 pm     Walk finishes


Other JDRF One Walk events in the Bay Area:


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