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Ready, Set, Go College




Carb DM and JDRF invite you to a day of learning for teens, young adults, and parents on August 6th & 7th. With a panel of T1D parents and young adults who are either in or recently finished college. Get answers to questions.

  •  Can I travel to study abroad?
  •  How do I count carbs in the cafeteria?
  •  How do I tell my roommate I have diabetes?
  • What about drinking?
  • Do I have special privileges?

Join us on the Peninsula on August 7.

Mabel’s Labels is Back!!

Keep track of your meters, pumps, lancing devices, DexcomMabel LOGO-3 receivers as well as water bottles, shoes, and hats. Order Mabel’s Labels to keep track and get back all the things you lose.

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