DxONE (Diagnosis: Type 1 Diabetes)

Do You Know ONE?

On November 10 and 11, Carb DM will mark National Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day with two Bay Area screenings of DxONE (diagnosis: type 1 diabetes).

DxONE is an 18 minute film written and directed by filmmaker and type 1 dad Dan Masucci about his family’s coping and coming to terms with his son’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes.

Dan and his son Nick, who stars in the movie, will be coming out from New York to be present at these exclusive screenings. A panel discussion with them and other members of the T1D community will follow both screenings.

Why are we doing this?

Usually when I’m asked how Tia is doing, I go into a long explanation (rant?) about how every day is an adventure; no two days are ever alike; and how unpredictable and challenging it is to manage diabetes. I do this not because I’m complaining, but because I feel that it is in some way my duty to educate people about how complicated type 1 diabetes truly is.

To so many people T1D is an invisible disease. You press a few buttons and it’s all taken care of, right? Wrong!

Our hope is that these screenings will provide those of us living with type 1 diabetes an opportunity to invite our friends and family to get a glimpse of our lives without making us sound like constant complainers. Viewing this film will help people understand how traumatic it is for a parent to receive the news that their child was diagnosed with T1D. And although it isn’t cancer, as we are so often consoled, it is terrifying to live with the constant fear of low blood sugars and the burden of trying to prevent and fear of long-term complications.

I urge you to invite everyone who is close to you and your child to attend one of these two screenings: Parents of your child’s friends and classmates, their teachers, and school nurses; members of your extended family and support system: grandparents, neighbors, babysitters; and everyone who comes out to support your fundraising efforts and walks on your walk team.

This is our opportunity to be seen, heard, and hopefully understood!

You can learn more about the movie at DxOneDiabetes.com and watch a trailer of the movie.

Tickets Now On Sale:

Saturday, November 10, 3 – 5 pm, Bluelight Cinemas, Cupertino.

Sunday, November 11, 3 -5 pm, Delancey Street Theater, San Francisco.

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